How to compare Costco Philips Hearlink with Oticon More and Jabra Pro with Resound Omnia

People on the forum say that Costco’s Phillips Hearlink 9030 is similar to Oticon More and Jabra Pro to Resound Omnia. More and Omnia both have 3 levels of technology. Do you know which technology level most closely fits the Costco HAs?

I searched for the answer to this question without success.



Costco sells the top level technology.The Jabra Enhance Pro PM 10 is equivalent to the Omnia, and the Enhance Pro PM is equivalent to ReSound One.The Philips Healing 9030 is similar to the Oticon More 1 and the 9040 is similar to the Oticon Real, but there’s some question as to if they are directly equivalent.


Thanks Jayman2 for your reply. Omnia comes in 3 levels: 5, 7 and 9 (best). Which level is Jabra most like?

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Costco sells the level 9 version.


I just picked up my Philips 9040 from Costco. First time hearing aid wearer. These sounded the best of the three Costco offered but are also the most uncomfortable. The Jabras i barely knew they were in. Philips really should make more comfortable domes. I have the open ones. Only have them a few hours but the left one powered down and restarted as I was listening to music. The travel charger is really big and bulky.
Thanks to this board i told them to start me at 90% going to 100% in 4 weeks. The volume is too loud. I have it at -2. The app is really basic compared to others my freind has. I am 58. They come with three year warranty on everything and they will change the dome and filter every three months for me and clean them. I appreciate the level of customer service especially as a new wearer. I purchased the rechargeable ones.


The various companies’ domes seem pretty interchangeable. I tried Starkey domes on my Philips HAs. They worked well.

See Costco Experience, Wrong Bulbs


Thanks for sharing user546. Welcome to the forum. There is a lot of HA expertise in this group (myself excluded).

Thank you for the welcome. I will look up the Starkey domes. Let me know if I can answer any questions about the 9040’s. I know they are a new model.


Thanks Angel. Let us know how the 9040 works. I will have hearing test at Costco on 24th. Need to choose between Jabra and the 9040. I have 13 years using Resound so that may tilt the scale to Jabra, but still open to the best HA for me.

You can get domes, ear locks and wax guards to take home and change yourself too. If you want to do it more frequently.

Or you can visit them at any time and have them do it. I doubt they will turn you away if it is less than 3 months.


The only sticky part about this is that if they’re busy with appointments and are short-handed and don’t have anybody standing around to help customers, then you may in for a longer wait than you want as a walk-in. They may even have back-to-back appointment and can’t even help you in between. But if you’re lucky and they’re available then I agree that they won’t turn you away for wax guard or dome replacement even with less than 3 months in between.


The new features in the 9040 vs the old 9030 model is that it has sudden sound management, and wind & handling (like rubbing on the aids) management. These situations don’t present themselves that often to people, but if you happen to be in those situations, I’d love to hear your comments about how well you think the 9040 does in those situations.


My Costco is crazy busy all the time. My KS6s are 8 years old and I have been told they no longer carry the correct domes for it. The ones they give me are nearly impossible for me to insert on my HAs. Several times I have walked in and one of the staff would put it on for me. This is a quick fix for them and they usually do it in a few minutes even though they are always busy. But I agree, depending on what you need, they may require an appointment.

I have the 9030 model and they have both of these features. The only difference is the tinnitus feature.

I have never been turned away and have never had a wait longer than 30 minutes (if that). The key to that is having somebody who works the front desk. If that person is missing then longer waits are a possibility.

Yes, that is the key right there. At the Costco I go to, there used to be a girl who worked the front desk beside the HIS. But then they got so busy that they upgraded that location to a 2-booth operation and that girl got trained up as an HIS for the second booth. Since then, they rarely have anybody working the front desk anymore because both of them seem to always have back-to-back appointments.

Yes, the 9030 does have sudden sound protection before that has 4 settings. So does the Oticon More. But the recently released Oticon Real has “added” and improved sudden sound protection that boosts this from 4 values to 6 values between the More and the Real. Along side of this change, the Philips 9040 also now has 6 values.

According to @chrisb in the thread link below, a new wind noise management feature is also added to the 9040. But I agree that the 9030 (just like the More) also does have a wind management feature as well. But I believe that this is the new and improved wind management feature added to the 9040 that should work better than that in the 9030, similarly to how the new sudden sound management feature in the 9040 should work better than the 9030. If they were the exact same features as the 9030, Philips wouldn’t mentioned them as new and improved features to the 9040.

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As a heads up, we added the 9040s to our comparison engine today. Here’s Philips 9040 vs the new ReSound Nexia and Oticon Real. I’m hoping to add the Jabra Enhance Pro 10 this week or next… in the meantime you can add the Jabra Enhance Select OTC hearing aid to the mix.

Note: Keep in mind we do our best to pull all this stuff in from the spec sheets and other sources, but if anyone has any corrections to make, please let me know! With the Costco products specifically, the spec sheets are a bit more sparse.


My local Costco is really busy also so I call and make an appointment for my 90 day cleaning. Works well for me. Anyone know what Costco does during this cleaning other than changing domes and wax guards which I do myself?

I joust finished a 5 week trial with Philips 9040. I made this decision based on raves I’ve read here. I had them adjusted after 3 weeks by a very experienced audiologist (not an HIS) who has previously fitted and adjusted hearing aids for my ears very effectively.

In contrast to my high expectations, these were the worst hearing aids for my ears that I’ve worn or trialed in the past 8 years - including a pair of Oticon Opn 1’s, which I wore for 5 years. I can’t explain why my experience was so different from others’. My complaint is that speech was often garbled and asking people to repeat didn’t enable me to understand any better. I can’t imagine that these are anything like the Real or the Mire.