How loud is your hearing charger when charging hearing aid

Wife noticing my hearing aid charger making noise when charging my hearing aid at night. I have Oticon More, just checking if this is normal or something wrong with the charger.

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I can’t hear anything like that because … my hearing aids are in the charger. My wife (who has ears like a gnat) has said nothing…

Seems to me that it’s worth reporting the issue to your audi.


lol I thought the same thing when I read the subject line. Really? You can hear the charger when the aids are out and charging? :slight_smile:
Can you try a different plug. What exactly is the sound?

@z10user2: :rofl: In fairness to the OP, he did state that it was his wife that noticed the noise. (It’s still funny!)

Lol, there is no way I could hear it too after I removed my hearing aid. I will put on my backup hearing aid next time see if I could hear it. She said it sound like a continuous fireflies sound but very low. I will ask my Audi see what she say.

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Is it possible to turn them off before charging? I have noticed feedback when my hearing aids are on and close together.

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I would try a different plug. Maybe the charger is struggling to have clean power. Although it may now be on its last legs.

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The Oticon aids automatically power down in the charger.


@DanTheMan: As @cvkemp has already noted, I have experienced no feedback with my Oticon HAs. They shut themselves off automatically when they are put into the Oticon charger.

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The charger is silent. It is the dryer that makes a slight noise.

There’s NO dryer in an Oticon More charger, FYI.

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It might be a problem that can occur in modern switching power supplies. Sometime it’s a poor design, but it can also be a quality issue, i.e. a bad winding in the transformer-coil.
As far as I can see, the charger is supplied by a USB-cable and a wall socket supply. You might try a different USB power supply and check whether the noise disappears or not.
If the charger has no power, maybe due to a bad connector or cable, the HA will not switch off -> feedback will be audible

I’ve never heard fireflies make sounds, but if it’s a low level buzzing, or static sound I think you’ve got a defective charger.
Does it get very warm? If so, don’t use it.


I would try a different plug. To see if it is the power plug or the charging base for the aids. I have to chargers for my aids and I know my wife would notice if either made any noise

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I know that. I have one that goes over the top it was a separate peace of equipment FYI.

Fine, but the OP made no mention of anything like that, did he? Why bring that up now to justify yourself?

No need to start an argument. I not interested in it. I said what I said and I done with the conversation I did not charge a thing. I answering another question not talking to at this time directly until you wrote me. Talk to another time

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I have a charger for my Phonak Compilot. It is totally silent. I can imagine that an induction charger like the one for phones and watches could possibly have a hum but it has never happened with any of my units.

Does your charging unit get warm to the touch?

If your charger closes over your aids possibly your not shutting them off and they are squealing?

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@25Firefighter: The OP says they have Oticon Mores. I and others wear those aids. As was just pointed out - rhe charger has no lid, no fan, nothing that makes a mechanical noise.

[EDIT to add :] If the Oticon charger is making “electronic humming noise”, versus a "mechanical " noise (the Oticon charger has no moving parts), my immediate concern is that the charger could have an electrical fault that might constitute a fire hazard.

As an old farm boy, we lived in mortal fear of fire catching in our old wooden farm house, barns, and outbuildings, so I may be behaving in a somewhat overblown manner to what I perceive as a potential fire hazard.

If this is true, I then offer my apology, however, I still find it unhelpful to muddy the waters of the OP’s original post by suggesting that the sound emanating from the Oticon charger is “the dryer”.

I still feel that the best tactic here is to take the charger to someone qualified to inspect it for a potentially concerning electrical fault.

My $0.02/YMMV