How do I pause audio streaming on Phonak Audéo M50?

I love my Phonak Audeo M50 but find it hard when listening to music and someone comes up to me and starts talking.

Is there away of pausing the music from the HA? I don’t think there is but thought I’d ask. It’s quite a hassle getting my iPhone out all the time.

The ComPilot, I have for my B90 has an advantage over my M50 as you can pause and re start music without getting your phone / cell out.

If you refer to music streaming via BT, I just tested it with YouTube - streaming is separate program that’s added. I believe on the last position if you have more than just autosense. And then with volume down long pressed you switch between programs, effectively this means that you should click only once to be able to go back to ausosense. I don’t have custom programs yet, so I can’t confirm where it puts that exactly, for TV connector when you put it in manual, target says it’s gonna go to the last position, that’s why I assume the same here.
And Youtube paused when I switched with that button.

Edit: but it does only that, no resuming when selecting it again. So I guess, you’ll still need phone for that.

I’ll check in target if I can see something about that, but I don’t recall seeing decent ability to program those buttons, only turn on or off what they had in mind and pause/play wasn’t among them afaik.

Edit2: use app and switch on HA, then you’ll see exact order.
Program change to autosense will work on volume down only if both up and down are set up for program change, of course.

You can have mute/unmute mic on volume down button, but afaik that’s it, no media playback controls.


Streaming is just a program, so when you’re playing music just hold down the “up” volume button and it’ll jump back to the main Autosense program (or, I suspect, your default program, if it isn’t Autosense). I honestly didn’t know that was possible but I just tried it and sure enough. When I click play on my phone it starts back up again (doesn’t seem to be possible to restart from the aids since it’s not a pause but a program switch from their perspective).

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Thank you. I have never held down any buttons on my M50 before. Didn’t know that was an option. :slight_smile: