How do I get the Signia 3AX to where I am? (Egypt)

I am in Egypt now, and I want to get Signia 3AX as cheap as possible.
Here only the 2020 version (styletto x) is available… and it is much more expensive than outside.

Can you please tell me how to get it online, in a trusted way, from Germany, Denmark or Sweden? My sister is in Sweden (but can’t get it herself, because of me having to be there to be checked for fitting (in the clinic))

Check this out:-

Chat with them and see what they do. Do not rush. Visit this forum to learn more about hearing aids before buying online.

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Well, I am interested about some trusted website(s), that people here would use (and agree on their legitimacy)… I am not sure chatting with these two would guarantee they are legitimate!

Also maybe buying from UK is a good option, since it is in Europe…

Ignore any claims a manufacturer makes regarding their hearing aids. I wish I could be more help.

I thought they exited the European Union. They called it Brexit.

They also have very respected people like @Um_bongo

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@prodigyplace: Unfortunately, many an exceedingly intelligent Englishman has applied his/her keen mind and acumen to dishonest and scurrilous pursuits.

Dealing with a firm or an individual based in the UK is no guarantee of bona fides or of legitimacy … If I were you, I’d base my selection on personal correspondence/conversation, the recommendations of friends, and information on this Forum. Country of origin is no guarantee of anything in the Internet age, I’m afraid.

[There is no slight intended or effected to the vast majority of honourable Englishmen by pointing out the vicissitudes of the few.]

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you never know, he could be a 007 agent!

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