How do I get a copy of my VA hearing test?

Back in February, I went to the VA clinic in different state and they did a hearing test. When I was finished, I asked the Audiologist for a copy and was told to ask at the front desk. I did that and the lady there didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. I expected the test to show up in my records, but it hasn’t. I just logged in to Myhealthevet, and it has blood test results, but nothing at all about Audiology. So, how do I go about getting a copy of my test results? The Audiologist said it was the same as last time, but I don’t believe that. Also, I had my records transferred from Birmingham, Alabama to Carrollton, Georgia. I have since decided to go back to the Birmingham clinic. Do I have to call and get the records sent back to Birmingham?

It depends on the size of the clinic. The larger clinics have a record department that you have to go to and request a copy of your audiogram. Most small clinics you can ask your Audiologist.
I would start by asking your Audiologist how to get a copy. It seems different parts of the country have different regulations.


Well, that’s the problem. When I asked the Audiologist, she said to ask at the front desk, and the lady there didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. At the previous clinic, when I asked, the Audiologist just printed me one right there at her desk. Do you know if there is a number I can call to get a copy?

I got a distinct feeling at the last place that they couldn’t wait to see the last of me. So much for customer service. Somehow, I seem to have developed an adversarial relationship with the VA. That was not what I expected, or wanted. It just seems to have happened. I think it has something to do with their attitude, which I didn’t much care for.

Well I don’t know what I can tell you,.


Contact your local VSO. They can direct you down the best path depending on your circumstances. As a last ditch effort you can always do a FOI request and eventually receive it.

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Probably someone new at the ‘front desk’ just try again.

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I started calling various VA numbers, and after about an hour of being on hold, or talking with people who didn’t know anything about what I needed, I finally got a call back from the clinic where I went. They said I had to submit a records release form. Found that online. It is 2 pages, and I have to mail it to the facility I need records from. In my brief conversation with the folks there, they told me they didn’t keep the records there. So, it looks like I am about to go down the rabbit hole. I am not giving up, though. They are my records, and I have a right to have them. As to my local VSO, I contacted her well before I actually signed up for VA medical care, and she told me I wasn’t eligible. So, I am not wasting any more time with her. If it comes to it, I will drive over to the clinic and request my records in person, though I doubt that will be any more effective.

They might have the release forms at the clinic.
Fill them out there and get your records while there. Maybe……

I’ve walked out every time I’ve had a hearing test with a complete copy. I’ve also have been given a copy of the connexx settings.

Unfortunately, VSO’s are not all created equal. Call another one. Tell them about all the hoops you are having to jump through. I would imagine your main hospital with an audiology dept may be where you need to go. None of the small clinics we use maintain their own records. Dealing with the VA can be an exercise in futility for sure.

Are we confusing VSO (independent of the VA) with patient advocates? All the paperwork/release forms are because you are wanting HIPPA information mailed to you.
Did you have your hearing test at a VA clinic or their parent care center?
At the care center ask to have a patient advocate assigned they will contact the chief of audiologist who will resolve the problem to your satisfaction before the incident can be closed. Everything is recorded all the way up the chain. Don’t get mad or demanding just explain what, where, how, why, etc… NONE of the people in the chain from the chief down want these to stay open.


I went to my local VAMC and got the form. The one they gave me is one page. Filled it out, sent it off 3 weeks ago and haven’t gotten anything in return. How do I contact a patient representative?

I guess different clinics work differently my Audiologist always prints me off a copy when my audiogram changes

John, does your VAMC have a Records Department?
That is where you need to go, in most cases for any info not available on MyHealtheVet website.

I think @cvkemp is quite fortunate to have an AuD that can print it.

The clinic here is a small one. No records department. Most of my records are available on MyHealthcare.VA.Gov. But my Audiologist which is also the Audiology department head will print me out a audiogram. The larger clinics I have used have records departments.

When I went to my local VAMC to get the form, they asked what records I wanted, and when I told them Audiology, they gave me the form, which indicated they didn’t have those records. has most of the medical stuff, but not a hint about Audiology. I have been looking around at the various VA websites today, and there are mentions of patient representatives, but I have yet to find out how to get in touch with one.

You have to dig deep it the documents. My audiogram isn’t there but there are notes from my audiologist there.

Chuck, I looked at every document available on, and audiology isn’t there. I did find some interesting blood test results though. AT my last visit to my local VAMC, the doctor told me I would be diabetic soon. Seems my A1C is rising. I purchased a cheap blood glucose monitor off Amazon and test my blood occasionally. While my glucose level is always high, it isn’t yet diabetes high. I am looking for a family doctor to go to. An acquaintance tells me he has been on a low dose of Metformin for years. Maybe that’s what I need too. I think I will go to my local VAMC and ask them how to get in touch with a patient representative. I know that will likely make them defensive, but I will explain just why I need to get in touch, and they shouldn’t mind helping.

Then your Audiologist isn’t put everything in your records that should be there. Every email that I send my Audiologist, every appointment, and every adjustment made, and any information about cleaning my ads or doing impressions are in my records online.