How can I switch between iPhone mic vs Phonak mic?

Hi All,

I have an iPhone SE (1st gen) with a Phonak Paradise (Phonak Naida P70 UP) hearing aids. I am a new Phonak user.

How can I switch between iPhone mic vs Phonak mic while I am in a phone conversation?

At home (in silent environment) I’d like to use Phonak mic, but in any case of noisy places (for example at travelling) I want to use iPhone mic if my partner doesn’t understand me at that moment if I use Paradise’s built in mic to phone calling. In that case would be the best method iPhone mic in front of my mouth, in the traditional way. How can I do this?

Please help me how can I do it.

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Turn the Bluetooth off.

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Hi @Nocito, you cannot use the the iPhone mic and still stream incoming audio phone calls to your Naida’s, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, you can as Rick says switch off Bluetooth, then I assume your partner will hear you, but perhaps you will be struggling to hear her, if it is a fairly loud environment! I have the exact same aids, except they are 90’s, I just remove myself from the noise, go outside, whatever, and the problem is resolved…… Cheers Kev :wink:


Do the Paradise aids have the telecoil phone program?

I use that with my current Phonak’s and iPhone.

That could be an option?

No, Rick you misunderstood what I write.

I want to hear the phone call still throught bluetooth connection. BUT I want to switch between iphon mic and paradise built-in mic @ phone call if the environment’s noises get loudly.

The paradise’s built in mic is far away from my lips and collect all of the car and other people chatting around of me. The iPhone mic get to very close my lips and then not collect other people’s chatting and car’s sounds and etc.

I STILL want to hear my partner throught bluetooth connection of course.

But how can i switch the active microphone? Any other could tell me the solution?

No, telecoil is not the solution.

Cannot switch? Oh, thanks a lot for the engineers who never use and never wear hearing aids…

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Ok, sorry about that.
I hate to say it but I don’t think you can just use iPhone mic and still hear Bluetooth on your aids.


Unfortunately @Zebras, I believe, there is no tele-coil on the Naida Paradise UP BTE’s, perhaps in their haste to reduce the overall size of these aids, they forgot to leave room for telecoil, biggest batteries, biggest aids for profound loss, and no flipping tele-coil…. Well done Phonak, that does defy logic, and perhaps for those whom require TC most? That being said, they are brilliant aids for profound loss…… Cheers Kev

Seems the Naida UP Paradise does have T Coil. Or I am mis reading PhonakPro.

No, no! I don’t want to use any telecoil!

I had oticon MFI aids with iPhone SE. I can hear throught bt and speak into the iPhone. My partner always hear me.

With paradise I can hear throught bt, but I want to change that receive my sound by paradise’s mic to iPhone mic. Is this a big wish in the year of 2021?

The Phonak aids don’t offer MFI support. You are being told what works with Phonak. The other possibility is return the Phonak aids and get aids that support MFI.

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Oh what a s_ck… God bless to all licenses and adverts.

I use the t-coils when using the home phone it works great

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If it does Rick, I have yet to find it :upside_down_face: I have searched Target, could not find TC anywhere, nothing in the list of functions, zilch! The confusion may arise as it is listed on Naida Paradise P, and yes the Power Aid appears to have TC, but not the UP…… I was going to buy some tele-coil earphones, I saw a good deal somewhere at about half the normal price, I just assumed that my Naida’s would naturally have TC, but I thought, just double check…. Checked Phonak, Phonak Pro, Target, there doesn’t appear to be TC on the UP version. Cheers Kev :wink:

The T-Coil is listed for the Up Naida but not the P.
Shows T-Coil for the Naida Marvel SP also.

Take another look, page 10. Maybe it’s a misprint in PhonakPro or I am flat misunderstanding what I am seeing.

No No No. NO telecoil at all. No need telecoil, please do not write about it.

I want to use my iphone or any other phone with bluetooth.
BUT I’d like to change phone built in mic and paradise’s built in mic when I speak to my phone partner.

No, No telecoil at all! Just bluetooth.

No NO need telecoil the question is about bluetooth and mics.

NO telecoil need no need at all.

You are being advised on your options, I don’t know what else can be said

We are trying to help you.
Your Phonak Paradise Naida UP aids can only use the aids mics with Bluetooth phone call.
But…I believe you can use the T-coil and your iPhone with the Paradise Naida UP aids. I have read it’s very nice.