How can I stream audio from my PC to ReSound ENZO Q?

I have it paired on the PC, but I can’t select it as a playback device when I go to sound options.

Has anyone gotten this to work?

Although it would be an expensive “fix,” (?) the ReSound Multi Mic or the TV Streamer 2. Each has an audio-in port and I believe comes with a short double-male phone jack cable that can be connected between your PC audio-out port and the ReSound device. The result is only ONE BT connection, between ReSound streaming device and ReSound HA’s so there is little or no audio delay, say, when you start playing a YouTube video on your PC. In contrast, the Phone Clip+, which depends on a BT connection to your phone or PC, is a double-BT streaming device (PC to PC+, then PC+ to HA’s) and there is a significant audio delay behind the visual when starting to play a YouTube video. I got both a Multi Mic and a TV Streamer 2 brand new by special order at Costco a bit cheaper than my audi or Amazon would have charged me. I know other forum members say get whatever on eBay at much better bargain price. Other folks may have other ideas.

Edit_Update: Another suggestion would be to get an iPad if you just want an Internet consumption device. ReSound Quattro’s can stream directly from an iPad. It will be interesting when Apple is fully issuing ARM-based PC’s(er, sorry, Macs!) as presumably you’ll be able to stream directly to those, too. BT LE is still a bit aways-I think the initial announcement said to expect a 2022 to 2023 time frame for full implementation by device makers but some folks on the forum are more optimistic, speculating that capability will be secretly built into the upcoming new Phonaks! Maybe Resound has already secretly built it into the Enzos! :slightly_smiling_face: Just kidding. I say Polyanna deserves to be everywhere!

Another solution is just to wear a high-quality BT headphone (or even a wired one) over your HA’s. That’s what I do these days if I don’t want to disturb my wife while listening to something like a YouTube video. (my headphones are also noise-cancelling, which I’ve found useful from time to time).

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Very interesting, thanks!

I assumed this HA could stream directly from a PC since it’s a BT connection but I guess I was mistaken.

What headphones do you use, out of curiosity? Historically, I’ve struggled to find ones that don’t cause feedback - but this HA seems to have excellent feedback suppression, so I may need to revisit this.

Just buy a Resound Phone Clip+ to connect your Quattro’s to your PC or Mac. Works great. I use it for hours a day at work.


There are several interesting threads on the forum (now getting old).


but you can probably find other threads, too.

I have the first-generation Microsoft Surface headphones. The 2nd generation does higher quality aptX audio as well as SBC.

Most reviews seem to pick the Sony WH-1000M4’s, which just came out as the successor to the 1000M3’s, as the (noise-cancelling) audio and battery life champ although some feel that the Bose QuietComfort headphones are still champ. The one thing Surface does have going for it are the controls but having been through a number of Microsoft devices that MS has now ditched, one has to wonder how far down the line Surface headphones (and the Surface Duo) are going to be. As you can read in the music and headphone thread, some folks don’t feel that noise-cancelling headphones are in the same ballpark as (wired) pure audio headphones for music listening, though.

@JordanK I own and have tested all three ReSound streaming devices and found a noticeable lag in audio starting with the PC+ as mentioned in my post above, none really with the Multi Mic or TV Streamer 2 but I didn’t want to make either of these devices a PC accessory. As a caveat to my testing, I was using a 2011 PC that didn’t come with BT on the motherboard but instead was equipped with a BT USB dongle. My test was also several versions of Windows 10 ago so that may have had something to do with the outcome. But I get no lag when using my Surface BT headphones to stream from the same PC. But I think if one could easily pull up past posts on PC+ used with a PC, one would find others users have found the same latency, at least in starting up the audio with a video. Maybe you’re using a Mac?

Makes me wonder…if I got a second TV Streamer 2 for my computer (already have one paired to TV) would I need to unpair from the first streamer and then pair to the second one to listen to music on the computer? Thanks

It’s a little bit hard to find the right links to share but here’s what I gather from looking at my fitting information and hunting high and low for info from ReSound on the web.

ReSound Quattro’s are definitely “Made for iPhone” as it’s pretty hard to come up with the same statements for Android devices (Android is almost an afterthought in their literature!).

A Quattro can be paired with up to 5 Apple devices but only connected to one at a time, e.g., your iPhone, your iPad, your iPod (and someday when it’s ARM-based your Mac??).

As far as channels for ReSound hearing aid accessory devices, there is one for the Remote Control, one for the Phone Clip+, and three channels that can be used for any combination of Micro or Mini or Multi Mic or TV Streamer 2. So you could have all three channels dedicated to 3 different TV Streamers. Rather than give full details for users, ReSound has frequent references to “Consult Your Hearing Care Professional.” I found the most useful information in sources designed for HCP’s.

On page 6, top right of, I found the following “Easy Overview” summary:

And as far as connectivity to phone or tablet devices, I found the following summary in a connectivity guide that I downloaded in 2018 but can’t find the original ReSound source just right now.

Hope that helps! Just to be safe, if you can, you might want to consult your HCP before you make any purchasing decisions. My fitting information, though, shows a streaming channel occupied by a Multi Mic, a second by my TV Streamer 2, and the image for the 3rd unused channel shows that it could be occupied by either (or as the literature says, a Micro or a Mini Mic as well).

From page 40 of the following manual that your HCP would use in fitting you (but you don’t need an HCP’s help to pair any of these devices with your HA - you can do it yourself just booting your HA’s and activating the pair mode on the device you want to add). See p. 11 of ReSound Linx Quattro Fitting Guide PDF on Hearing aids ReSound - linx-quattro-support