High price of Roger Pen and Roger Select

The excessive cost of these two devices has been discussed before. The cost is “out of the ball park” and the mark up is HUGE. We’re talking a relatively cheap device to build that probably cost under $80 or less to manufacture, yet its marked up over $800. And please don’t say buy at Ebay or you really will need “buyer beware”.

Now the question that begs to be offered - how come no other hearing aid manufacturer offers some version of the Roger Pen - Roger Select? It it because the “results” of the roger pen and roger select are below average? Think so. Also when you review Phonak’s website for the Roger select it shows the device sitting in the middle of a long dinning room table. OK - probably a good location but wait - there are no glasses on the dinning room table, nor silverware, nor pitchers of what ever. Nothing to block the line of sight of the Roger Select to your hearing aid. So you only use the Roger Select on unobstructed services - like a coffee table and not a kitchen table?

Also notice that are no good reviews regarding using the Roger Pen or Roger Select in noisy environment. That’s because neither of them performs well is such noisy settings. They might do OK to above average in a quiet setting but don’t hold your breath taking either device to a restaurant or crowded setting - because they won’t help you hear at all.

I’m all for new technology and improving one’s hearing level but to spend close to $1000 for something that is “falsely” advertised and really doesn’t work in noisy background (in my mind) is throwing money to the wind.


I’ve bought mine on ebay and I liked it that much, that I also got one via health insurance. The reason that they are that cheap on ebay is that most people don’t pay for it due to insurance, don’t use it and sell it at market price. Nice thing about buying it in the store is that the audiologist will set it up for you and you have a try out period.

I am quite dependent on it and I find myself wishing they would make a rather bulky HA that has the same clarity as the Roger Pen. I used one with my Bernafon Chronos 9’s and am using one now with my Phonak Bolero B90’s.

If your annoyed by glasses and utensils bouncing on the table, it might be a nice thing to use a tablecloth. But you could also go to your audiologist and ask whether he can tune those sounds down in the program you use for your Roger Pen.

I think 800$ is indeed very expensive. I also think that the Bolero B90’s are overpriced at >3000$, so I bought those on ebay as well. The whole sector is dreadfully overpriced. I don’t see why your selecting the Roger devices in particular.


Private insurance usually doesn’t cover cost of hearing aids at all - and if so just a small portion. $1000 per hearing aid, maybe slightly more. I seriously doubt someone’s medical insurance carrier is going to pay for someone’s hearing aid and then on top of that pay for a roger pen or roger select. Maybe the reason roger pen and roger select are so cheap on eBay is the “seller” knows they don’t do the job their advertised to do. As in they don’t improve one’s hearing ability as advertised.

My Roger works extremely well for me. Both in high levels of noise and over distance.

@hold4triple In the Netherlands your audiologist checks whether you need them and writes a prescription for solo equipment. It’s handled by insurance as a separate category and fully paid for.

Hearing aids in the Netherlands are divided between those that are covered by the insurance and those that don’t: You pay 25% of the covered hearing aids. Top of the line hearing aids are seen as excessively priced and can only be used for a tax break. For lower incomes the tax break covers about half, IIRC. The higher your income the lower the coverage.

I think it is even better in the UK, but I forgot the specifics of their coverage.

We have the NHS which gives us Hearing Aids for free but they are re branded HAs and are only mid level so for example, we can get the Phonak Nathos Auto which are the Phonak V70 range.

Roger stuff can be funded by Access to Work so people who don’t work, has to fund the equipment themselves.

Bottom line - Europe has way better insurance coverage for hearing aid than the U.S. And you’re also first to market (or first up) to trial/test new hearing aids with the U.S. for some reason always lagging behind. Maybe that is due to the FDA involvement.?

In any case Warren or Sanders might improve insurance coverage for HA’s but I’m not holding my breath.