Hidden Hearing K220 Oticon = Rebranded Oticon Agil Pro

@audiopiano What codes are you talking about?

I created this new thread specifically for your problem.

The Hidden Hearing stock is locked, branded Oticon stock. It uses Genie, but there’s an unlock code just like the U.K. NHS product has.
I doubt that code will be as readily available as the NHS one.

jut something i heard from my audi. some audis “lock” the hearing aids that they program with a code but he managed such a situation by reseting them. I have nothig more to say or suggest. If you want to try something like that, you shoul be quite carefull.

That’s an option within some software - I’ve never been sure why you’d use it though.

This is something different, the actual models aren’t available within Genie unless you put a code in to reveal them - they basically confine you to getting them adjusted by the HH group. It’s equally annoying for Independent dispensers as it is for clients wanting to shop around for service/self-program.

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I agree with Boongo: I have Zest and Spirit hearing aids using Genie, but I had to enter a 4-number code for Zest and another 4 numbers for Spirit before seeing them in the list of hearing aids. I was hoping that some of you had already found the K220 Hidden Hearing codes.

Hi, question: where in the Genie menu you have to put in the code?

Genie 2 / Preferences / Edit preferences / Data protection