Hi Pro 2 Connectivity Issue

Having handshake issue with my Hi-pro USB and Signia target. My equipment is described below.
HI- Pro 2 Connected via USB Port, Powered up , self test passes using Hi -Pro 2 Configuration software.Hearing aids are powered up and working.click connect button and the “com” light flashes and also the lights beside each cable connection flash few times, after few moments screen pops up with message “detect was not successful”.
I have also tested with different port settings also. Kindly look into it and help.

Windows 10 home
intel core i3- 9th Gen processor
x64 Processor

Hi-Pro 2 USB
Firmware 4.00.0090
Self test Pass
Power light On

Thank you.

First thing that comes to mind is if the exact aids you are trying to connect are listed in the hearing aid software you are using.

Does your hearing aid software have device set ups and updates? You might try using the hearing aid software to update the HiPro. And you need to verify in this software that the HiPro is selected to be the programming device used for programming.

Signia target?? If you are talking about Phonak Target software (currently version 6.2.8) then that software is for fitting Phonak hearing aids. For Signia hearing aids you need Connexx fitting software along with the SiFit database for fitting Signia hearing aids.

Yes I am using latest Connex and Signia Hicoss software for fitting.

Yes they are listed…I used another Hi Pro 2 on the same system. That worked completely fine with all the Signia Hearing Aids.

The connected hearing aid is on and running. but not able to detect it using the HI Pro 2

What is the exact model of Signia HA you are trying to connect, and what is the exact version of Connexx.
Also are you sure you have the correct cables (CS44)

Yes I am using CS44 cables… I changing the cables also.But it didn’t work…I am trying to connect
Signia Prompt P/SP,Pure Px range…
When connected the hearing aids dos give an output but the connex 9.0.6 including SiFit 9.0.5 software

I don’t have Signia hearing aids so I don’t know for sure about this. Maybe you need Connexx 6 for older/legacy for the Pure models;

The Prompt P/SP models need a additional programming adaper/boot? can you show a picture of the connection plug on the HA.

Could your cables be the Phonak CS44 cables? Here on the forum we refer to them as CS44A cables. If they are they have 2 pins out of place for your Signia aids.

Is there a place in your software to set up the HiPro? A place to detect HiPro? This place would show the HiPro serial number and verify the HiPro is ready for use. Phonak Target is this way is why I am asking.

Yes. I have both the versions of Connex…I have got all the required fitting software. I used another Hi Pro2 and that worked fine. My only concern is the Hi pro 2 is powering and the hearing aids are giving an output.

I use CS44 cables. They work fine with another Hipro 2 that I connected.

Yes, I use the required adapters.

You have a second HiPro that works fine, correct?
Try swapping that working HiPro out but use everything else the same. Same aids, cables and software.
If you can connect to the aids with the different HiPro but not the one you are asking about, I would question the HiPro.

The Hi Pro2 powers up, blinks lights. The left/right Hi Pro2 lights blink meaning it is trying to establish a connection with the hearing aids, and then the connection is not established. So try to isolate which is not working?

  • Cables?
  • Adapters?
  • Hearing Aid batteries?
  • Hearing Aids?
  • Hi Pro2?