Hi I am A New User with sudden hearing loss

Hi to You All,

I went to see the Audiologist thìs Week & I have been told my hearing in my Left Ear is now non existant so i am deaf in my left ear i did wear 2 hearing aids onlu told to wear 1 now i have to go see the Consultant soon to find out whu might need a earing aid for both ears with a microphone on what will that do?

I have gone back to mould hearing aids.


@user146: Welcome to the forum. You didn’t get much good news, did you? How can we help you ?


Do you have any idea why i would get sudden hearing loss from December onwards i did have a massive infection which is now better.

I find it really hard as i have many health problems tp deal with myself and grandchildren to look after too.


First let’s say hi and welcome. Sudden hearing lost can be caused by a variety of medical conditions. Are you seeing an ent? There was a video done by Dr. Cliff on this. I would have a talk with an ENT so they properly assess what is going on. I wish you the best and sorry for your news.

I know you are suffering but there is hope, depending on your case, Your ENT may put you through a CI eval and refer you to a CI clinic…


Hello and welcome to the forum.

I agree with @ssa, when you see your specialist getting a CI evaluation could be your best outcome. If this is your specialists suggestion, please don’t hesitate to agree. In the meantime please keep wearing your aid in this ear. It’s vitally important to keep some sound going to the hearing nerve.

I also suffered a SSHL in my R ear several years ago. I finished up needing a CI in this ear, it’s the best thing I ever did.


Hi there,

I was told not to wear my hearing aid in this ear at all
Infact its not fitted together its just in a hearing aid box.

I have still not recived my appointment come through they taking ages.


there’s another thing. Find out what type of loss you have. Most likely its sensorineural. But if its conductive, possibly brought about by the ear infection, another very good and easy option is a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid. the system bypasses the dead zone in your middle ear and connects directly to your cochlear nerve (I’m simplifying) by way of your mastoid bone. Google this for more info. I wear one and it’s remarkable! It’s less good for sensorineural loss. Many ENTs and HA providers don’t have this on their radar, but it’s very well established. Far, far easier surgical procedure than CI with almost no risk.

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Hi to you all

The Consultant has said need to remove really hardened wax before can do anything put a suction thing in my ear to try to get wax out no chance not working i have to do it 2 per put olive oil drops in qevery day for 2 weeks then go back says i have hearing aid loss in my right ear 2.

Carnt decide what to do untill my wax is gone.


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Well you don’t want to rush into anything. Get the waxed removed and see what that does. Go one step at a time.

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I agree with @hass5744, once the wax has been successfully removed wait 2-3 months. Give yourself time to assess what your hearing is like when out and about, at work and in a crowded situation.