Help - self-programming oticon spirit zest p

I’ve just received the Hi-Pro USB, leads, programming shoes and software (Genie 2011.1)
It looks like it is all working properly but the Genie software doesn’t show the hearing aids I have (they look just like the Sumo or Epoq models). I can’t get Genie to connect. The hi-pro is working and I get a beep in the HA’s when connecting up… so I think the hardware is ok.
Any ideas?

Spirit Zests are UK NHS only, there is a special code needed to add the right model set to the software.

Hi Steve

My set of NHS Naida V UP’s do not have an access code, then again they are not exclusive to the NHS! Suffice to say I can access them via iPFG & iCube no probs:D Although, I have to admit after my last follow up appointment there is no need to tinker with them as the NHS Audi has them set up to near perfection and as they are only back ups, then I will leave them as is… Now there is a first:D

Cheers Kev.

I thought it must be something like that. So my obvious next questions are, where can I find the code… and where do I put it in?!
This is becoming an enigma :rolleyes:
Any clues?

Hi Jim

Don’t know if this helps or not? link below:D

Cheers Kev.

Still unable to add a product group to Genie that allows programming of the Oticon Spirit hearing aids.

Can anyone help with the procedure to get Genie to work for me?


sorry to “butt” in. Just wondered where can I get the Genie software? I am waiting for the Hi-Pro (old serial type) I purchased from fleaBay.

It will not include any leads ( I plan to make my own), or software so as I am going to be using it on my Oticon spirit3 (NHS) to start with, I would like to know how can I get hold of Genie?

@ Jimblob

Did you manage to get it working with yours?

Portausb - I have the Genie software and can make you a copy of the CD if you want to send me a stamped addressed envelope. I could not get it working with the Oticon Spirit Zest hearing aids that I have now but am about to get some Oticon Zest CSP aids and will try with those. The CSPs are like the Chili aids (NHS have rebranded them but it seems that Genie needs some other kind of enhancement to get a connection). I found a source for the leads and for the programming shoes, let me know if you need the info.


My apologies for the delay , I was away. Thank you very much indeed for your kind offer. I would be most grateful if you can let me have a copy ogf Genie. may be you can pm me your address and I will send a stamped addressed envelope.

I am interested to know about where you obtained the leads , it would save me hours of work under a magnifier!

Many thanks again, any luck with programming your new aids?


Just wondering if you did have any success programming your Oticon Zest CSP aids?

Yes I was able to do it. However I’ve gone back to my original aids the Spirit Zests as I didn’t need quite so much power.

Jimblob - that’s good to know - I have 2 x Oticon Spirit Zest CSP courtesy of the NHS but having failed so far to get the best out of them I think it’s time for a bit of self-programming. Need to get my Hi-Pro usb first, but hoping I can do the same as portausb and get some info from you?

Jack -
There are a couple of things, you need to get the Hi-Pro, then you need the leads and the ‘shoes’ for your hearing aids, and the software.
With the NHS aids, you can’t program them without a code from Oticon. They will ONLY give you a code if they believe you are NHS or an independent audiologist!
If you want, you can rent my Hi-Pro, leads etc for a month. I can give you the code I have for the CSPs but I’m not sure if it will work on another PC. But you can try…

Only if you are NHS or working with the NHS (ordering NHS product), you won’t get it otherwise.

Hi Jimblob!

I would be grateful if you could share the source for the Oticon zest programming shoes…

Many thanks!

This ebay seller - in Norway! No problems . . .

Good luck

Thanks! Now for that code… hmmm lol

Oticon are very protective about these things. As a HPC registered dispenser I called them yesterday to request the equipment and I am still waiting for the call back to see if I am allowed or not.

Fingers crossed eh! :wink:

Looks like connevans may sell what you are looking for.

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Thanks hear293 but this is a direct audio input shoe and I was looking for the programming shoe.

Sorry, I did note a pair is on ebay today, Don’t know if it would fit your HA.