Help - self-programming oticon spirit zest p

I know this is an old post. But do you still have the software?

Hi Jimblob
Did you have any luck with this?
I need my backup Spirit Zest P’s reprogrammed, happy to get the kit and do it myself if I can.

Oh those are NHS models right, so you’ll need the “unlock code” for them, it’s available, but I’d suggest starting a new post/topic, as this is a few year’s old now, I’m sure someone will help out.

These Aids are really old, like more then 10 years old. No one has the unlock code for these. Just the newer NHS Oticon Aids. Same code doesn’t work for both.

That’s a real pain! Grr!

Oh that’s a bummer, but makes sense I guess to change for each platform released.


Phonak haven’t changed their code but all their Aids are called Nathos ……

I think it’s the name change that’s caused a code change but could be totally wrong? Or maybe the different updated software?

Yeah that’s what I was thinking, when they update the software or platform they would change it, but as you say Phonak haven’t so it’s hard to say exactly why.


The very first Phonak Nathos worked with iPFG rather than Target and used a different code. I didn’t mention that earlier. I’ve just remembered.

Is there an older software for older Oticon Aids?

It’s just Oticon Genie and Genie2.

Now that makes sense,very different software there.