Help for download of Phonak Target 7

In this time if COVID-19 Isolation my Audiologist is closed for the foreseeable future, I really need to find the Phonak Target Software. I spent an hour combing thru this massive thread, can anyone help me obtain the Latest Target software somehow? I have a pair of Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 and Noahlink wireless.

Many thanks


Kathrein, check your PMs.

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Hello here is Angelo from the Netherlands.

I’m also searching for the Phonak Target software. I’m not able to find it and hoping for some help of one of you there….

Thanks in advance

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I am looking for the Phonak Target software as well! Thanks in advance!

Hello iam searching for Phonak Target to fit my wifes hearing aids.
many thanks for help.

fast help iam so happy with.

Likewise - I’m looking for Phonak Target 7 as well. Thanks - I’ve learned a lot from reading this forum already.

New to this forum. Just have received my Phonak Paradise. Please advise how to get the Target software.
Thank you!

I am also looking for the Phonak Target 7 software, and I will be glad to be in line to do a favor for others looking for it as well. I recently aquired a pair of P90-R’s and so far I am very favorably impressed with them.

Hello and thanks a lot if you can share a link to the target software !

Voyalib, check your PM’s.

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Hello, this website has been a godsend. I’m hoping I can also get a copy of Phonak Target 7 software for my new Phonak Paradise. Can someone advise how I get the software? Much appreciated!

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Hi Dudley1! Kindly help me with the target 7 software to please. Thanks for all you do!

Can someone please PM the current Target software. I just got some new Phonak Audeo Paradise Hearing aids and just realized that my copy of Target 4.0 will no longer update. I guess It’s been awhile since I’ve programmed my older hearing aids.

Thanks in advance.

Does the update function not work anymore for v4?

Not to version 7 I believe.

Anything under v5.0 won’t update.

Hey dudley1 – sure would appreciate a PM re: Target 7.x software – I have the Paradise P90-Rs and I swear my Audi just can’t seem to get a few tweaks right.

Hey Jeff
Please check your PM