Hearing Loss in Musicians Interview - Call for Participants

Hi everyone,

As some of you are aware given my previous post to this community, I’m a master’s student studying Music at Edinburgh Napier University here in Edinburgh, Scotland.

As for my major project I’m conducting research into noise-induced hearing loss among hobbyist/amateur/professional musicians. I’m looking for musicians with a hearing loss to participate in a short interview where topics discussed will be focussed around your experiences as a musician with a hearing loss.

Interviews will take place informally (in person/online) and will last around 30 mins in length. I’m looking to arrange the interviews this and next week. I welcome participation from adult musicians of various instruments/experiences/ability.

If you are interested in taking part please reach out to me in confidence on here or via email 40322674@live.napier.ac.uk.

Should you have immediate questions about the project or interviews leave a comment or send me a direct message. I will promptly reply.

Finally, thanks to those survey respondents. Your input/responses are beneficial to my project. It’s not too late to take part, you can find a link to it in my previous post here: Hearing Loss In Musicians Survey

Thank you again and all the best,


Michael Parker
Student, MA Music, Edinburgh Napier University
Tomlin Centre for Music - Merchiston Campus
Edinburgh Napier University
10 Colinton Rd
Edinburgh, Scotland
EH10 5DT