Hearing changes as I move my jaw etc

I’ve got a 100% conductive loss in my left ear.

For the last 15 years or so, my hearing in my left ear changes when I move my jaw or swallow or sniff.

Anyone know why? I’ve never spoken to ENT about it.

It is a change in the seating of the aids when you move your jaw.

I have a similar issue. I finally found out why when I got my first set of hearing aids and the left one won’t stay seated if I’m talking or chewing. I had to go back to get a mold taken to make an earpiece.
I had surgery to remove a tumor when I was a child. Scar tissue has caused my ear canal to take a 90 degree bend. When I shift my jaw, the scar tissue retracts. The audiologist said she’s not seen that before.

Go to the ENT. Get it checked out.

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome might be the case for your hearing situation when you move your jaw. It has been observed that it can cause host of hearing problems from mild to severe including tinnitus. TMJ is basically a pain originated in jaw joint. It connects the lower jaw to the skull in the front of the ears. If left untreated it can create host of other problems. Getting diagnosed with ENT should be your first priority.

I would guess that mandibular movement is either breaking the seal and giving you more venting or the eustachian tube is opening and changing the pressure in the middle ear. Try this: remove the hearing aid and stick you finger tip as far into your ear canal as possible, then chew. You can feel how much movement of the mandible there is. It can move the end of the HA and change the direction the sound is going, break the seal to the canal wall or cause the eustachian tube to open (which is normally in a closed position), Go to an ENT.

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Hello, i was just about to ask a similar question when i came across yours… can i just jump on your post as we are having similar annoyance? I have a widex evoke 440 and my hearing changes intermittently from ear to ear sometimes goes mute even when im not talking. Noticed it first in a moving vehicle. Anyone knows why? Makes understanding more difficult…

evette, I would ask my audiologist if it’s possible my dome or earmold needs to be just a little smaller, because the seal may be so tight in your ear canal that mandible movement is closing the canal down around whatever is in there. As others said above, the mandible is right near the ear and movement of it does often affect hearing. I can demonstrate this to myself by aggressively and quickly moving my jaw up and down (opening and closing my mouth); ambient sound changes. But if yours is changing with just normal conversation, you may benefit from a slightly looser fit.

Hello Hamjor1
Thanks for your response. It changes even when im not speaking. I definately tested it out yesterdsy as i walked down the road. I dont know if its that my hearing aid is set so sensituve thst it reacts to sounds around me like if a motir bike passes by one of the aids will shut out then open again. Somerimes if a bus goes by it does the same and then again if nothin makes a loud sound. Alternate aids cut out and open again. Its sooo annoying. Youve mentioned that the aid might be too tightly fitted but i wear the smallest end bit becuse my earcanal is quite narrow and i hate the feel off my esr being blocked by the bigger ones… I’m thinking i may just try a larger one again just to see if it makes a difference.i hope it changes things for the better. When bothe aids are working right everyone sounds soo much clearer and now this problem is taking awsy that joy of hearing better. I’ll let you know if things get better. If not i’ll make an appointment to discuss it with my audiologist. Thanks

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When you talk about a hearing aid changing with louder noises, you are describing the over use of compression.

Do a search here because it is a subject that comes up a lot.

Thanks Eric. I’ll do some searches.:+1:

Oh, I’m sorry. I too have a problem with smaller ear canals, though probably not as tight as yours. It is an issue in hearing correction, because much of the gear is designed for larger canals.

Also be aware that the length and angle of the tube can influence the fit as well as the susceptibility to jaw movement sounds.

You’re right, though. It’s possible sound levels or bands on your aids are set too high. Or there may be a filter in the fitting software that can be checked by the audiologist to help with this. I definitely encourage discussing it with the audiologist and wish you better luck.

Yes. Thanks.
Ps. Someone kindly mentioned that i should do a sesrch in here under Compression. Its very helpful. Seems a lot of people hasexperoenced theses intermittent changrs in their hesring aids too.

Eric im finding very helpful info under Compression. I think a visit to my audiologist is in order. Thanks


Hi Eric i changedcthe domes on my hearing aids to one thst has little holes around them and it seems to have done the trick. Its no longer cutting out. Even wento a party last night and it didnt do it once. I must say i learnt a lot going through the posts on compression. Well it seems problem solved.