Hearing aids, haircuts, wind noise


Yesterday I had my first haircut since getting hearing aids a few weeks ago. They’re behind the ear, with a little wire going into my ear, so I was worried they might accidentally snip it, so I took them out till they were done. Is this normal procedure? Does anyone leave them in while getting their hair cut?

Today I noticed I’m hearing a lot of wind noise. I think this is probably due to having had the hair trimmed so short around my ears. I was hearing a little noise out in the wind last week, but nowhere near this much. I’m wondering if maybe next time I should tell them to leave that bit longer. What does everyone else do?


Whether you take the HA’s out or the barber asks you to remove them, one way or another they won’t cut your hair with your HA’s behind your ears.

Wind noise is going to happen after a haircut, but over time you will get used to it and learn to ignore it.


I definitely take mine out. I have a cut and colour then blow dry so no way could I leave them in for that.:relieved:
My hair is a short bob so I don,t have exposed ears. Your audiologist may be able to make adjustments to any wind noise reduction features on your hearing aids if you prefer your hair on the short side.


I always remove my aids for a haircut. As regards wind noise, can I ask was the wind a particularly strong wind that you hadn’t encountered before, since getting your aids?

By the way I have very short close cropped hair and I’ve always noticed wind noise. I too wear BTEs, but I have ear moulds and yes, there’s still wind noise.


No, not windier than normal. I noticed it immediately after the haircut. I get it cut with a number 6 all over, but for various reasons hadn’t had a haircut for 3 months.

It’s only when the wind is coming from behind me. If I turn my head to the side a little, the noise stops.


What aids are you using? I have tried out the Starkey and Phonak aids and hear no wind noise at all. Your audiologist needs to adjust your aids.


I’ve got Phonak HAs and find with having an adjustment and wearing Ear Gear, I don’t get any wind noise.


Ear gear. Right, good idea. I’ll try some.


They’re Oticon Ria2 Pros. It was fine except in strong finds till the haircut. How much hair do you have around the aids?

I do sound recording as a hobby. Sound recordist fix wind noise with wind shields, not programming. What I’m hearing is pretty much what I’d expect from an unprotected microphone. Perhaps I should try turning them down a little next time it happens. Perhaps they’re just overloaded.


Ear Gear is little socks for your aids? Do they make it hard to open the battery cover?


No, there open at the bottom so can easily open the battery drawer.


They’re expensive! $38 Australian, plus $25 shipping. How much do they cost in the USA?


Here we can get them off eBay for $30 US (about the same) with free shipping. I have no idea what shipping to Australia would add to that.



To ship to Australia costs 21 to 25 dollars


Yeah, I think it’s quite pricey


There also is a product called Hearing Aid Sweat Bands that are very similar to Ear Gear, so check out the price for that also.


I tried turning them down in the wind last night, and that helped a lot. I will probably just do that to get by till my hair grows a bit.


I would’ve thought that hair brushing against the HA would cause some rustling noise. I have never had a wind problem with my Phonaks.


I thought I would leave mine in last haircut but Jimmy washes my hair first so I took them out.


I always take mine off.