Hearing aids, haircuts, wind noise


Cost of HAs versus haircut - take them out!!! I always let the barber know so he’ll understand when I can’t hear.

My HAs have wind noise reduction. As soon as they sense wind noise they block it out some how.


I always remove my HAs before any hair cut. The same goes with glasses!


I always take my HAs out, but I’m also getting color, wash, cut, & dry. I also don’t wear any earrings as I don’t want to risk the stylist accidentally hooking one. So I can’t hear & I’m under-accessorized!


I take mine out for shampoo, but put them back on for the cut.I went several years taking them out and not being able to hear the girl who cuts my hair. She’s quite the talker, so it was awkward hearing her or pretending I did. Finally gave up and left them in for cuts. She just flips them out of the way when she gets close (have behind the ear style) Don’t dread that problem anymore… Ed


I take mine out as a precaution.



Just realized after seeing this post again - I need a haircut!