Hearing aids fouled by ear wax

I have the Kirkland Signature 7 aids. I struggle with ear wax and my aids get plugged often. Now one of them has abundant wax deep in the receiver and I can’t get it out. Is there a solution? Closeup pic attached.

Is that the wax guard? If so, it’s doing
its job and is easy to replace. I’m only familiar with my own aid, and I may be wrong on what that picture shows.

If that’s inside the receiver, past the wax guard, it is possible to replace the receiver only.

First you need to change that wax guard. I have a wax problem also which requires me to clean mine every night. If I have any wax in the wax guard I remove it, blow it out with canned air, and reinstall it. I also use domes that have an additional wax guard in them. they catch most of it before it reaches the wax guard on the receiver.

Thanks for the replies. So it is a wax guard. Didn’t know that. How can I get it out without squashing it?

When you purchase wax guards they come with a tool for removal and installation. However, with this one so full I would just try to pull it out with my finger nails.

Success! I got it out and will soak in water overnight. Thanks for the info!!

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I purchased a otoscope from Amazon to see if l have any excessive ear wax. It is connected to phone or computer. I also brought a ear cleaning kit too. I clean my ears twice a month so excessive wax won’t get deposited on earmold.

OK, will have a look at an otoscope. I definitely have to clean my ears. They were full of wax and that plugged the aids real quick when I put them in yesterday. My own fault, I should have hosed my ears out first.

But my aids have been on hiatus since the pandemic broke. Being home-bound reduced the need for hearing aids. It is just me and my wife. Instead of wearing the aids I just say “pardon” more. She does the same to me. :slight_smile:

But yesterday I went out and put the aids in without too much thought and they plugged within minutes.

I just use a syringe and warm water to clean my ears. Seems to work OK.

I suggest soaking plugged wax guards in hydrogen peroxide instead of water much more effective.


Buy new wax guards online. Wet wax will get beyond that point and destroy the receiver.


Costco should have shown you how to change the wax guard. And at the very least should have given you some when you purchased the aids. If your Costco store is open go in and buy some spares.

Yeah, stop by Costco and get a pack of guards. They are meant to be disposable. I’m sure you can clean and reuse, but that doesn’t really seem cost effective. They only take a few seconds to replace.

I have one aid. In the last 12 months I’ve probably used 5(?) in addition to the one it came with, so I average a couple months out of each one. There are times where I might use 2 in one week and times, like now, where I can go 3+ months.

CostCo will clean the aids for you, for free. May need an appointment, I can remember for sure. And as others have said, you need to have replacement wax guards. CostCo should have explained about them when you bought the aids, and you should have been given some as part of the starter kit.

This is a good ear cleaning system to remove ear wax, it is safe and you can’t do any harm. Murine Ear Wax Removal System | Walgreens

Thanks for the tips, everybody. Costco did not give me much when I got these aids a few years ago. I did go back once with a problem and they gave me some click domes for nothing. I’m not a Costco member any more as I don’t think it is worth it and the store is rather far from me. So it might be best to find supplies on line.

My ears and aids are currently clean and the aids are working!

Anyone know who makes the Kirkland Signature 7? I’m not sure what brand of wax guard would fit.

Rexton I believe.

A search of the forum can help.
Search KS7 Rexton

@MDB wears KS7 aids.
He knows the answer for sure.

KS7 is made by Rexton. Wax guard from Rexton or Signia should work.

Those screens are very fine… DIY cleaning won’t get you far.

KS7 instructional videos

Amazon has damn near every possible hearing aid supplies.

Jodivac is a great useful accessory for cleaning wax guards.