Hearing aids disconnecting from Phonak TV Connector

Tried checking owner’s manual, the indicator light on my tv connector is a solid blue/white which is not one of the options that it can be?

App on my phone shows aid connecting to the tv connector very briefly (1-2 seconds) before disconnecting

Hm, I haven’t tested or read the manual, but did you connect the aids to the tv connector?

Both aids, already turned on, bring close like 10cm close / put on the tv connector and click the connect button, you’ll hear the sound, then check what apps shows.

At first glance it looks like:
Aids: oh, look, there’s tv connector, hi boy :wink:
Tv connector: who are you?! :astonished:
Aids: ok, never mind :pensive:

Btw I assumed you have marvels, since tv connector term is widely used with them, so in case you have some other setup, please tell.

In marvels I’ve found out that many times ‘did you try to turn it off and on again’ really works :joy:

Hi @ali.cronkwright,

I like the Phonak TV Connector, I use them exclusively to stream audio from my PCs. Works great for Skype, Teams, Zoom, and whatever else the kids are using these days.

Like anything else techy, the TV Connector does have some weirdness. If your hearing aids were set to connect automatically to the TV Connector it becomes a set and forget appliance. Mine just sits on my desk waiting for an input signal and displays the colour you described.

On receipt of an audio signal, the light turns green, and about two seconds later I can hear the audio in my Marvels.

A couple of caveats. If there’s no input signal, the TV Connector will not hook up to my Marvels. Or, and this is important when you use it for virtual meetings as I do, if the input signal drops off because people stop speaking, or because I’m speaking exclusively, then the TV Connector will disconnect and it will take another 2 seconds for it to reconnect after it gets a new audio signal.

If you are having trouble connecting try troubleshooting by connecting the TV Connector with a source you know works, maybe the headphone output on your phone. That helped me diagnose one of my PC connection problems.

Good luck!