Hearing Aids and hats?

How does wearing hats affect hearing aids? Like wearing a baseball cap in summer or winter hat in winter of course. I notice more distortion when wearing hats I’m guessing as the aids try to gain a bit from the slighter lower input? Are there any settings to suggest to the Audi to get best sound with hearing aids and hats?

Well my hearing aids are the type that fit outside the ear and I’ve never ever noticed any difference when wearing a baseball cap. Now a winter wool hat that’s over the ears could cause some feed back problems. I couldn’t tell you if or how ITE aids are affected.

I’m with iblainman, I have BTE’s as well. I notice no difference in sound with a baseball cap. The cap absorbs a little sweat in the summer, which is helpful.

I have not had any problems wearing hats. I’ve worn baseball caps and even an adventure hat with the big flap in the back that covers your neck and never any feedback problems.

The only difference I’ve ever noticed is when I wear a cowboy type hat with large flat brim. Then I hear my own voice at a higher volume. The summertime hat doesn’t do it as much since it is straw. The two I wear in the fall, spring, and winter (1 oilskin for bad weather and 1 wool felt for dress) both cause an increase in the volume of my voice.

Gadgets, just out of curiosity where do you live. You don’t see a lot of cowboy hats in my neck of the woods, Ohio.

Hask12, I live in southern Colorado. I wear the straw hats when working or fishing in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, keeps the sun off and lets air circulate. I’ve always used the oilskin for inclement weather. After I got hearing aids is when I started wearing the dress cowboy hat so that I had something over the aids to protect them from rain and snow.

The only time I’ve had a problem with hat wearing is a fleece or wool type cap with a Windstopper membrane built in. This will cause feedback as its layer is a very tight to keep the elements out. This was the same for BTE as well as CIC’s.

A lot of us here also wear paperbags over our heads which don’t seem to cause much feedback. For those who have sports teams like the Browns and the Indians you’ll know what I’m talking about.

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As a Steeler’s fan I feel your pain…LOL :slight_smile: