Hearing Aid vs Listening Expectations for devices

I want to open a topic. Listening experience vs hearing aid experience.

I hope I don’t come across as critical. That is not my purpose for opening this topic.

About me:

I want to state my situation. My hearing is great up until the higher frequencies so my trouble is speech recognition in noisy environments. I use open domes, therefore. Low frequencies leak out of my dome in a big way, so what I have to say may not apply to those with lower frequency hearing loss who use closed domes or molds.

My HAs: Oticon More 1s
Firmware Version 1.4.1


It’s nice to be able to have the added functionality of using the HA rocker to answer and quit calls in theory. In practice, for me, it’s not so easy reaching back there to toggle a tiny rocker with wide fingers. It’s much easier for me to answer and end calls from my phone. Therefore I consider that function useless for me.

Having an iPhone, I can talk to the caller without having the phone up to my face so the caller can hear me. In practice, however, I had better be in a quiet environment with no background noise, because the background noise makes my being heard by my caller rather impossible. The hearing aid mics are set for hearing primarily and not telephony. There is zero noise suppression for the caller. I continually hear, “I can’t hear you. Is that a truck I hear passing you by?” or “Is someone else talking, because I can’t hear you?” (that would be the television). Do NOT try to clean dishes while you’re on the phone because your caller will hear more dish clinking than you. Conclusion: If you want to make a phone call with these, try become a hermit monk. You’ll be heard by others much more clearly.

Critical LIstenng

As my forum name indicates, I am a professional musician. Juilliard trained at that. To me, listening is far more critical than your average listener. These babies ain’t Bose. That said, I do have open domes so the low frequencies sprint right out of my ears. Listening to music for me on the More 1s is thoroughly unsatisfactory for me. For “listening” I will go to my Bose Quiet Comfort 35ii’s or my Apple AirPods Pro. Even when I cover my ears to trap the LF, the sound can’t match these other devices. I’ve found myself migrating away from the HAs when my sole purpose in the moment is music listening, therefore.

Hearing Aid Usage:
To me the Oticon More 1s are beyond compare for the usage I need. I simply can’t hear people well, who don’t open their mouths when they speak. Their consonants are muffled and that’s just where my HL is. The HAs help here. Mumbling Actors in Movies and TV: I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t have trouble hearing mumbling actors in movies and TV. When I use the “speech in noise” setting my comprehension improves greatly. The HAs are great for me in this situation. Crowded/Noisy Restaurants: Again, I can’t remember a time that I didn’t have trouble comprehending speech in this environment type. “Speech in noise” for me truly helps me a great deal. I find myself asking people to repeat themselves much less. With the More 1s I also find myself far more able to eavesdrop on conversations other people are having at their tables, which can be fun, albeit naughty.

I think it’s best for people with hearing issues to major in the majors and minor in the minors. I would recommend shopping for HAs primarily considering how well they perform their main function, which is aiding hearing. I think the bells and whistles are nice but don’t perform well enough to consider one brand over another.

Thanks for reading.



The one thing I see you are forgetting is the severity of the person’s hearing loss. It doesn’t matter how great the device is, hearing aids, they are only aids, they can’t fix a person’s hearing.
For my hearing needs the More1 aids are the best I have ever had for speech understanding, they are the best I have ever had for music, and they are the best for listening to nature. But that doesn’t make them a fix for my hearing issues, it makes them an aid so I can continue my retirement , my volunteer work, and social life with somewhat less stress.


@Musician: I don’t believe any HA can compensate for another’s poor enunciation. Sorry. I wear More1s, and I love them, but you’re getting reader’s’ expectations up on a claim that is just, well … malarkey.


Let’s agree to disagree on this point, brother. They do help me. BUT: Let’s notice that there is a big difference in our audiograms.

Hey Bro,

I didn’t forget. I fully noted that my HL is specific for me and for me, this is what I observe. I did say that people with different HLs may have a better time with things.

As individuals we all have different needs to make it through life. As someone that would not know one musical note from another, I don’t take music seriously. But when I was working doing phone support and troubleshooting every type of electronic equipment or even software, I needed to hear the off sounds that the equipment can make that can aid in troubleshooting. When doing phone support the answer to the problem a lot of times came from hearing the attitude of the person I was trying to help. I was forced to retire when I couldn’t anymore hear the little things that made me a top notch troubleshooter.


I am so sorry about that. Hearing is so important for other trades besides music.


I’ve found that custom molds help sound quality. My right ear is the worst, by far: ski slope loss to profound. I blocked the vent on that aid and it helps the bass a lot, and overall richness of sound when I play (classical guitar). The left aid remains unvented. That combo just worked best.
HOwever for everyday use I find my Osia BAHA is best. Brilliant for speech. I have conductive loss in both ears. Better at restoring high frequenciestoo. Of course no tradition HA could really do that, given my conductive loss. It’s crappy for music however.


Yes correctly fitted custom ear molds make a world of difference for me.


That’s the thing… .earmolds make the diff. If your hearing isn’t that bad and you have open domes? It’s really awful. I’m not a fan of phone calls. I get complaints on the other end a LOT if there is any degree of background noise.

Are you talking about using the microphones on the aids? I have been using the full hands free lately with no complaints from others, but I am normally in quiet environments. In the vehicle I use the entertainment system in the vehicle and not my aids. And if I am in a restaurant or other noisy environment I ask the person to hold on while I find a quiet location.

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Exactly. I have a newborn at home. I walk outside on a busy street and am rarely in quieter environments. Rarely. This renders the on board mics relatively useless in telephony.

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I definitely understand small children being noisy as well as my 3 dogs, they feed off of each other when one barks they all join in.

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lol. We have two dogs and the ruler of the house, a cat.!


No offense intended, but you said it yourself. It’s simply ridiculous to expect acoustic drivers only a few millimeters in diameter to reproduce the sound of the San Francisco Davies Symphony Hall’s marvelous organ. On the other hand, with a recording on your iPhone and your cerebral memory, it’s possible to ENJOY that Mahler 8th “Symphony of a Thousand” as “summarized” by those hearing aids if no other option is available to you, assuming you had acquired familiarity with the piece previously.

I don’t take my hearing aids out when I go to concerts. I don’t think they make things WORSE, in other words. Could listening-enhancing devices be developed that would restore the sonic experience of live music for an audience of Hearing Tracker members? I’m pretty certain that would be true, but I doubt they’d be big sellers.

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No offense taken. I just want to level expectations.

Music lover here not musician (well never pro & amateur is abandoned ancient history, hopefully to be revived in retirement). Music capability of the HA is nearly as important to me as the core function.

I also have - good low freq, crap high freq loss & so open domes. But in contrast to OP, with my current Phonak HAs, HL & circumstances nothing else compares - I have not to date found anything to give me the clarity & depth without my current aids. My current Phonaks left my former Oticons in the dust in this regard (mind you they were 8 yrs apart in tech). Funny enough I also have a pair of Oticon More-1 loaners at present (while mine get pre Warranty expiry checked) & again find them mehhh (wouldn’t rule out outdated script or other lack of correct config on the loaners though, so I won’t lambast them too much).

I have searched high & low for EQ or similar to get the phone itself to compensate directly but what few offerings there are don’t have the range. My Sony MX3/s with RE Equilizer app get part way there but still don’t compare to a quiet room & streaming to the HAs. Also messed about with EquilizerAPO on my laptop for the same reason - but really just couldn’t get a satisfactory result. I actually find hearing loss features for device/PCs to be totally barren. Which is all the more frustrating since todays hardware would be more than capable. Captions for total deafness appear to be the sum total offering.

If/when the MX3/s die or on a whim I may well try these (or updated/current of the same) - Audeara Headphones Review
Though I spent a lot of time researching, trialling & deciding the NC capability of the MX3 outshone any competitor for my taste. So I could very well just sacrifice one shortcoming for another.

Back to the other points of the topic, I like the bells (no whistles, or screeching or wind noise though thanks), at least some of them. Basic one click muting is Gold (my old Oticons LOL didn’t even have that). BT streaming “without a dongle LMAO” (could not give it up now we have it), apart from music, to be able to listen to something just for me while sitting right next to someone is a boon! I also wish assistant integration wasn’t just for the top end of town! Could totally see me using it. I do use phone call stream on occasion but do agree re needing a quiet room or the callee suffers! I also took some convincing to try rechargeable but would not go back now especially with the side benefit of a more moisture resistant/robust devices.

Agreed core function is paramount but they can augment with whatever wins as useful IMO to make life easier, especially given the asking prices.