Hearing aid - severe flat/low frequency hearing loss


I have severe flat/low frequency hearing loss. Basically looks like -70db across the board. My loss was a result of my Meniere’s that destroys the cells.

Am in trial with a Zerena 9 from Costco. Two adjustments later it is o’k. A bit tinny sounding. (My ear canals are smaller. I can shove a closed dome 8mm in but it is not so comfortable that you forget it is there by any means. But a 6mm which is way more comfortable has too much feedback.)

I asked about trying a Resound (they have a better app) but audiologist said that the Resound units sound more tinny, that Zerenas offer a more natural balanced sound.

Wanted to check with others who may have tried both for an opinion? Is the Resound truly more tinny? Is there a “better” aid that may sound more balanced that I should try?

(This is not my first hearing aid but my hearing was easier to fit 5 years ago. I do think that the fitter at Costco is doing a great job tweeking the settings - as good as the private audiologist who fitted me with my first HA)


I’d say the opposite. Having fitted a load of Resound and historically Bernafon I’d contest that the Resounds have more Low/Mid range punch - especially with a closed dome and the bigger receivers. In any case, you’d be able to modify the response.

The main issue here is going to be venting - if you can put up with a fully occluded mould, it will sound better almost irrespective of what’s driving the higher pitches.


Thanks. I will push to try the Resound. I find it very frustrating that depending on who you see they “push” you to a certain brand/item and it makes it hard to trust what someone is saying. I did share with them that the android app for Zerena was worthless and that it “appeared” (no way to know without trial) that the Resound app had more features and ability to tweek the adjustments of low/mid/highs.

Previous dome was a power dome 6mm; this one is a closed bass dome 8mm. It is tight,very hard to put it. The powerdome version at 8mm was extremely uncomfortable - couldn’t keep it in for more than an hour. Weird since the size was the same. :slight_smile:


You can download the Resound app for free and run it in demo mode.


But keep in mind that demo mode shows the maximum feature set, which is only in the 961 and 962.


Yes, and demo mode shows features that are disabled in Costco ReSound HAs.


Which features are included in the demo mode but not offered in the Costco version?


Tinnitus management and Remote Assist are not offered by Costco.


Based on testing the app in and out of Demo mode with my Forte 8s:


  • No change


  • Battery strength for both aids (only for rechargeable batteries???)

My ReSound

  • Rate my souund
  • Request assistance: Remote adjustment
  • My requests and new settings
  • Hearing aid software updates


Should add that while I mention the Zerena I am in trial on and the Resound that I have heard about (pun intended)…if anyone has a recommendation for a better hearing aid for my type of loss feel free to share. I have no issues going to someone else - goal is to find the best option possible aid!


Oticon is awesome for that kind of loss too (I happen to be reverse slope also) so maybe OPN is worth a try? was looking into their plus power version and the Siya which might be out next year after I have a birthday


Otikid05 - I will definitely check that out. My previous aid that just died was an Oticon - really basic model. My hearing was better at the time (-50db and not as flat) but for a no-frills aid it did what I needed. Balance the sound a bit. :smile:


yeah, their new stuff is freaking awesome IMHO. can’t wait until after my birthday to look at either one too (Siemens/Signia is good too, had one in the past so I pass up for an oldie like this)


I am trialing the resound 3d and I think the music is tinny when streaming. In fact it is sounds like a transistor radio. Clarity and depth just are not there for music sreaming. Maybe that is something they were referring to. Resound customer service implied that the MFi is not up to speed yet. That may be true. Reound’s music quality is quite inadequate with streaming. Resound is better without streaming such as in concerts or listening to music without streaming. I don’t find general general speech at all tinny. (People on speaker phones are hard to understand when streaming from iPhone. Another subject.)


Becayse there ae major differences in how hearing aids are programed between the fiffeerent manufactures more hearing aid professional s wil only work with two or three. If you go to a storebrand like Miracle Ear–its only one and only Miracle Ear dealers can work on them because the programs are locked. They are made by Signia :{Siemens} Your Zerena is a model of Bernafon and Bernafon is one of the brands under Dement whose lead brand is Oticon. Denebt abd Sonova (Phonak together make about 50 percent of the hearing aids made in the world–Signia now that Widex has joined that Group is about the same size. Resound and Starkey are the others in the now Big 5. Signia makes several store brands like Kirkland and Miriacle Ear.


Streamed music will be tinny from ANY hearing aid if a user is wearing open domes. It has nothing to do with the hearing aid.


In programing a hearing aid for everyday use the sounds are brought into the range that you have. In your case low tones are moved up into a range you can hear them. That is helpful for human speech but as you can understand devastating to music.–If you have multiple program capacity the HAP can give you a music program.


So I have had two more adjustments. It is “better” although still not great. I did try the Resound - a new Vida model which they just got in that they said is the step up from the Forte? The Resound definitely seemed louder/sharper but yet not necessarily helpful for hearing. With the damage from Meniere’s it isn’t as much as just amplifying range since some of the cells are just plain destroyed.

I only have the one program at this time because I want to work on adjusting best as possible for everyday and then can add a program or two as needed to tweek for unique situations.

I am still going to investigate additional aids - doesn’t hurt. There is a local audiologist highly recommended that agreed to review my hearing test in advance and send me over model suggestions to save everyone time.

Definitely appreciate all of the feedback and direction from everyone!


So I went into a different audiologist last week and have been in a short trial with the Oticon Opn1. I have not had the opportunity to test in a large restaurant type environment; family dinner and normal every day use seems to be an improvement.

Haven’t talked price yet so hard to tell if at the end of the day it will be “worth” the extra cost to change over. :slight_smile: I go back in tomorrow - not sure if they will allow it but it would be nice to have a test for another week to get exposure to more situations.


So, I just finished a 10 day trial of the Oticon OPN1. For me, absolutely it was an improvement in overall hearing, ability to follow conversation and not struggling in very loud situations. Not perfect or as natural as my other ear (which is natural hearing LOL) but definitely improved.

I had no concerns about moving forward…UNTIL I was quoted the price. After “holiday discount” they are quoting $2900. For one. Absolutely better hearing with it but I can’t afford that much money.

Now the audiologist is saying that I could try to OPN3 which is “same platform” but would “only” be $1800.

Any thoughts? For sure I can’t do $3k for one hearing aid (and my insurance doesn’t cover anything). Is it worth the time to try to OPN3?

Thanks all