Hearing aid - severe flat/low frequency hearing loss


2 days into trial on the OPN3 and for me this version is not even close to the OPN1. Sadly. I may have to just stick with what I have for now and wait for newer technology that replaces OPN1 as the top dog, and then hopefully the price will drop. :slight_smile:


Unlikely to happen soon as it’s early in the product cycle - the ITE version has just been released and the product has a big market share.

Platform move is probably around 3 years away.


I have ITE HS OPN1s and I love them. They are very comfortable both in the molding and in the sound. I have been wearing hearing aids for over 13 years so this is my fifth set of hearing aids and I have to say my best set.


Unfortunate for me but it is what is is. I simply can’t swing the $3k for one aid so will just have to get by with what I have - even though it is not nearly as good.


I was able to find a source for the OPN 1s for $2,200/aid. That is about $1k less than the first audiologist’s normal price (holiday she was offering the discount to $2,900). I am going to have one ordered in and if all goes well I will have the same great experience as during my initial trial.

FWIW - audiologist yesterday at the other place said that she believes Oticon will be announcing something new at the next conference. Maybe that technology will be so amazing and great it will drop the prices of the OPN’s. :slight_smile: