Hearing Aid Industry Map v10 - Updated for 2023

Here’s a copy of the new map:


I like it! But HMm; The order of the icons in each manufacturer section seem to be somewhat random as opposed to premium products first.

For examples;

  • Sonova (why isn’t Phonak/Unitron first)?
  • Starkey: (why isn’t Starkey first)?
  • GN (why isn’t ReSound first)?
  • WSAudiology: Widex, Signia, Rexton (is Widex more important than Signia)?
  • Demant: Oticon, PHILLIPS, bernafon (maybe Oticon, bernafon, PHILLIPS)?
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Interesting information.

another question… why does Amplifon have its own grouping yet Amplifon also appears in several other manufacturers groups?

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Yeah. it’s kinda random… Might adjust next time… but there will be a few hard to make decisions.

Because other manf’s make amplifon branded aids.


German manufacturer Audifon and German hearing clinic network KIND are missing from the list. In the past, KIND was dispensing Audifon aids. Currently KIND sells Starkey and oticon.


For STARKEY missing www.hoerex.de. HÖREX Hör-Akustik eG is an purchasing and service association for independent hearing clinics in Germany. They are cooperatively organized.
Hoerex selling Starkey devices rebranded as Telefunken hearing aids.
Audis can apply to become an HÖREX member and become exclusive distributor for TELEFUNKEN hearing systems.

Another cooperative for independed Audis in Germany is Meditrend and their members can sell SoniTon Hearing Aids (rebranded).
The hearing aid line of SoniTon Personal seems to be from Oticon/Demant , the devices SoniTon Swiss seems to be from Bernafon/Demant , whereas SoniTron UP are likely Unitron Blu/Sonova , and SoniTon Comfort looks like AudioService/WSAudiology

Yes, beneath Audifon aids, Kind sells Starkey Livio aids rebranded as: KINDevo and Starkey Evolv as KINDvitalo. And the KINDduro are branded Oticon aids:

Kind selling the rebranded Starkey and Oticon hearing aids in following EU countries Germany , Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands , Poland,

Who are considered “the Big Five” these days?

I believe it would be;

  • GN Group/ReSound, Beltone
  • Sonova/Phonak, Unitron, Hansaton
  • Starkey
  • William DeMant/Oticon, Bernafon-Philips, Sonic
  • WS Audiology-Sivantos/Signia-Siemens, Rexton/Widex
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Can we mention GN group shares 2.4 ghz radio R&D with Cochlear in there? They are using GN LEWIS 2.4 ghz radio platform as part of their “Smart hearing alliance”

Just updated the map and posted new PDF download link to my original post.

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Updated this map today. The link at the top of the thread brings you to the new map.

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Hi, you could also add in the advance model made by Demant as they are also one of the manufacturers who provide Advance product to Specsavers in addition to sonova and WS audiology

Hi Abram, what time of the year do you usually release the map? I was looking for the 2024 version and don’t see it published yet. Thanks

Hi Stuart. I actually updated it right at the end of 2023 so if I were to update it all I’d do is add a 2024 to the map. It’s fresh! I will update to 2024 when there are some things to change :slight_smile:

How did I miss this before? :slight_smile: I love your maps.

  1. Isn’t Lexie (at the bottom) in Intricon?
  2. Why is AGX everywhere?
  3. In Demant, under Other, what is the ear thing?
  4. So WS makes the Sony devices? Does Sony have ownership one way or the other?

Thanks @z10user2 … Yes, there should probably be more notes…

  1. Lexie is it’s own company, which is owned by hearX, which itself is part owned by GN (need to add that to the map for this year)… Lexie Lumen is manf’d by Intricon. Lexie / Bose devices manf’d by Novidan (a smaller player, not on the map)
  2. AGX label is on so many brands’ devices
  3. HealthyHearing, a website
  4. My understanding is it’s brand licensing, straight up
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Thanks for this! Very informative!