Hearing Aid and Eyeglasses

Hello there. I am new to this group and new to hearing aids. I have the Phonak Audeo P RL (Paradise rechargeable Life) hearing aids. I am finding my eyeglasses problematic with the hearing aids…they keep sliding off. I assume this is a common issue and looking for anyone’s input on wearing glasses with a hearing aid. I am due to get new glasses so thought this was the perfect opportunity to get some views from other people.

Thank you

I wear glasses a fair bit for close up work. I’ve had HAs for a little more than a year. This is an irritation but not a killer. I miss a bit when I put them on, and the bows go outside the hearing aid rather than between the HA and the head. Mine stay up well once on properly, though.

I think if the bows fit well to you, they will stay better. Maybe having them checked/adjusted at an opticians?



I have been wearing glasses for over 65 years and aids for about 18 years. I don’t know what to say other than you get use to it and come up with your own method to handle both. My aids and glasses go own even before I dress.


Is it the hearing aids that fall off?

I just got glasses recently the first time and found glasses with longer arms to be better for me but might not be for you.

My arms bend behind my ears but don’t curl round my ears, if that makes sense.

I’ve worn Aids my whole life.

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Thank you, appreciate the quick feedback.

Thanks for the quick feedback.

Hi, thank you for the response. I need to get glasses where the arms are straight.

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I have worn glasses for nearly 60 years and heading aids (BTE) for 20 and the only time glasses slide is during strenuous activities that cause me to sweat.

have you tried longer receiver wires that let theHA sit lower behind the ear?

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I find that what may work for one person may not work for you and it’s really a matter of trial and error, as well as user preference.

I have a pair of Versace VE3218’s (providing model number helps understand my specific use case) and when I wear them with my hearing aids, I find that I like them between my hearing aids and my head as it feels more snug. For others, they may prefer it to sandwich the hearing aid between the frame and the head which could also work too.

You may also want to consider ear cushions for your glasses if you find your ears getting irritated.


I’ve worn glasses for about 65 years. Hearing aids for 20.

I finally learned that I have to buy frames that suit my lifestyle. I’m a photographer. I bend the adjustable nose pieces on my eyeglasses quickly and badly. It’s all downhill from there. So I have finally bought plastic frames. Big improvement.

My hearing aids have microphones on the shell…so now I’m putting my eyeglasses on first; then my hearing aids. That way my microphone slots aren’t blocked with the temples of my glasses. Learned that here. Makes sense…?

Until I got my Phonak Audeo Paradise p90R’s I used sports locks. Little plastic strips that went from the receiver to my outer ear. They helped keeping them in.

Before I changed frames I almost lost my P90 hearing aids a bunch of times. Scares me.

After I bought new frames that solves that.

Worst of all is wearing a mask with ear loops Again I’ve almost lost my hearing aids taking things off. I was in having procedure yesterday, and had to wear a mask. A mask extender helps if I remember to use it.

That’s how I’m coping…

I asked my optometrist and my audiologist knows how to cope. No help. Optometrist makes assumptions then takes measurements and orders my lenses. That really messed me up. I found I have to question everything they do. (They placed the temples of my glasses on my hearing aids, and then took measurements so my lenses could be ground. Found that out when I bought my next glasses. Next glasses were much better. Had those previous glasses for years.)



Yeah, the fixed nose piece is one less thing to go wrong. Spring hinges are also good. Last time I shopped for glasses, the boutique optician had maybe one frame style with spring hinges, but Costco had several of them.


Thank you so much for your response. Getting a lot of responses. I mostly wear glasses to read, see what I am eating. Had a stroke 4 years ago and need prism in my scrip to guide my sight to one side. I will try to get straighter arms on glasses or flexible arms as you noted. Thanks again Dave.

My dad wore hearing aids since in his 20’s. Back in the 1960’s–70’s he had glasses with hearing aids built right in.
Fast forward and a friend sent this pic a month ago…

I looked into that idea once and after a back and forth with my audiologist and eye doctors I realized it wasn’t possible for either my eye issues or my hearing loss. I believe it is a great thing for the ones that find into their capability. But I wouldn’t try to make it work just because it is a cool idea.

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Cool. I only wear my glasses on and off

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Years ago I could not wear bte aids because my ears are fairly close to my head and it caused pain. Now bte aid are thinner, unfortunately eye glass styles right now are a thicker plastic type. Wearing that type of frame pushes my aids upward so they feel like they’ll fall off. I have found that wire frame glasses with a flat piece at the end, allows me to slide my glasses in place without dislodging my aids. Now all you have to do is find wireframe glasses.

OMG! are they coming back? My father was in the Army and had hearing aids like this in the late 60s to the mid 70s.

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Haha. Mine are kind of small.

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For me, the Marchon Airlock collection is all day comfortable. There are many styles. I have a rimless pair and they are extremely light and there is no interference with hearing aids.

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