Hear-better.com Too Good to Be True?

In checking out low cost hearing aids I ran across this site (hear-better.com) which has extremely low prices. But the old saying to good to be true comes to mind. They offer Siemans for profound loss in the $200 range. They belong to the BBB which is a good sign. Has anyone had any experience with them?
I really need low cost backups right now as mine are at the factory and I can not understand anything. OldBill35

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I have no experience with, or knowledge of them but I think I would be a little careful.They show: Siemens Lotus 12SP: Regular price $1575.98, Special Price $198.78Quick search on ebay shows $102.89.Amazon has them for $150 or less.I purchased a Lotus 23 on ebay to use for backup a couple of years ago and it is OK, but not what I consider a “real hearing aid”.

I don’t know if it was this one or a similar operation. I had one fail shortly after I bought it and there is no warranty. I then started looking and found that the aids they were selling could be bought other places for substantially less. Seeing they have no warranty, it makes no sense to pay a premium.

i had use them and purchased 2 items with them and they’re good quality. i used my credit card and i was afraid there will be a fraud etc…but nope, it was all smooth.
also i had spoke with their reps many times and they helped me made my decision.

that’s the first i got and 4 years , got wet twice and still working, now im going for the one inside the ear canal…hate ignorant people thinking you’re dumb because you have a hearing aid ans attempt to make gestures or exaggerate pronunciation of words… all i can say is i hear a noise in a world of silence.

They may be sound amplifiers not hearing aids. I also wonder if they can do further damage to your current hearing.