Heading to Costco (2023)

I am ready to replace my 2015 Rexton Trax 42. One of the HAs stopped working the other day.

I had a previous thread from 2015 by the same title (now archived)

I am in the US.

I have high frequency hearing loss. It’s severe/profound level of loss if I remember correctly.

I don’t mind replacing batteries but would consider a rechargeable model. I don’t need telecoil.

Looking for feedback on the current Costco models and whether one model might stand out as more appropriate for my needs. I’m not asking which is will be best but wondering if any one in particular is designed specifically to support my type of loss or even if you say avoid this model because it’s the oldest of the three offerings at Costco, etc.

Is anyone aware of new releases coming soon?

I believe the KS10 (phonak) was discontinued.

What is the Costco warranty and return period?

I need a membership so I guess the executive makes sense?

What about Costco credit card to purchase HAs- Do I get a longer warranty?

Anything else? Feels like it’s been a long time that I’ve had to think about this so looking for a crash course.

My appointment is Sunday March 12

Thanks in advanced.

I believe all aids from them have a 3 year warranty. Costco has a 180 day return period for a full refund.

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For the US, yes but in other Countries, the return period changes.



What are the terms in your country? I believe you are in the UK.

@japple where are you located?

Considering your prior experience I’m a little surprised by your question. No one can tell you which aid is best for you. You get your hearing tested and Costco will show you what aids are for your loss. Only you then can tell then which aid works best for you.

I agree, assuming you get a skilled hearing professional. I have had Costco aids for 10 years and experienced 3 different locations and various professionals. There is one particular location & professional that made me go back to a different one to get my old settings restored.

Only you, and a skilled professional that listens & works with you, can tell what works best for you. You cannot beat Costco’s pricing.

This time, I decided to spend a little more money, get checked out medically and get my aids from Duke University audiology. My Word Recognition Scores from their test were significantly higher than Costco’s tests over the years.

For me personally, I have used Oticon More 1 aids for the past couple of weeks. Next week I will be upgraded to the new Oticon Real aids. The closest Costco has to them are the Philips Hearlink 9030 but they do not have all the features of the More aids.

The extended 2 year warranty from Costco Visa has been discontinued as of January 20th of 2023. Anything purchased before that had the extended warranty, anything after does not.


Executive membership only makes sense if you buy a lot of stuff from Costco. At current membership prices in US, you’d need to purchase $3000 worth of stuff to break even with an Executive membership.


Canada has 90 days to return.

I believe UK has 60 days.

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I meant is there any particular model that is the “go to” model for high frequency loss.

Isn’t there a feature that does some kind of frequency manipulation? I forget the exact term.

Also wondering if any of the models are too “old” that I shouldn’t consider.

Yes I actually hung up on someone as he was rude to me on the initial call.

While I dont have a local Costco I do have access to at least 4 that are 30 minutes to 1.5 hrs away.

Again. There’s no such thing as a go to model for any kind of hearing loss. Here’s an example. I have profound loss. I tried phonak oticon and resound. I chose phonak. Other people with similar losses chose oticon. There’s no go to model. It’s what you hear best with. The best anyone can do is direct you to a series of models for your loss. But no one can tell you what’s best.

All their models have some sort of frequency lowering. The Jabra’s have the least sophisticated version, but depending on your loss might work well. The Phillips 9030 is their least current aid. It’s supposed to be replaced by a 9040 model but I don’t know the timing. I would encourage you to share your priorities with the person fitting the hearing aids and go with their best judgement. Any of their aids are likely to be better than your Trax 42. Particularly nice are the ability to use a TV streamer without carrying an ancillary device. For many being able to stream to a phone is very useful.


I do not know how your loss compares to mine, but my last Costco hearing professional likes the Philips Hearlink 9030

I am 2 hours away from 3 different ones. They have been good mailing domes and filters as needed.

That’s good to know about mailing.

Pre-Covid my workplace was 15 minutes from the Costco where I got my aids so I would just get supplies for about 6 months at a time.

I’ve been working from home lately so knowing they could possibly mail the supplies to me helps.

I’ll need to ask

I wouldn’t bet on them mailing things to you. I suspect things like that are very much an individual store or perhaps even the individual you’re dealing with. It’s certainly worth asking about.

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Any comments about rechargeable vs battery models at Costco?

Is rechargeable the way to go now?

Very individual.

I would never go rechargeable but some people love them!

Don’t forget to get a chicken