Has anyone upgraded from Oticon Opn to Oticon More?

Just curious -'m in a position to upgrade for a very attractive cost and if you have - what are your thoughts and opinions. Thank you.

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Search the forum threads on Oticon More and you’ll see plenty of first impression reviews. All seem to be positive on incremental improvement, but if you’re looking for a big WOW as in being significantly better, many of the reviewers don’t see it. By the way, it’s just the Oticon More (not OPN More).

If I were you and get in a position to upgrade for a very attractive cost to go from an OPN 1 to a More 1, I would do it. It is two generations later, and it’s very likely your OPN 1 may need service soon and it’s probably already out of warranty as well.


Thanks for your reply. The warranty on the OPN1 pair expires in about 3 weeks and I’m taking them in for service as there are a few minor issues with them. How nice to get an email from my audi to remind me of this! I appreciate you correcting me on the name of the new model. The one thing I don’t have clarity on yet is if all Oticon More HA’s are rechargeable or if that is an option,

You should ask your audi to request a brand new replacement for your OPN 1 instead of just servicing the old ones. My audi got both my OPN 1’s replaced with brand new ones about a month before they went out of warranty.

But if you’re going to take advantage on the More upgrade then replacing your OPN 1’s with brand new OPN 1’s becomes a moot issue anyway.

Right now the only option for the Oticon More is the rechargeable version. Maybe later this year they may come out with a disposable battery version. If I had a choice, I would go with the rechargeable version because they’re a lot more convenient, plus Oticon makes their lithium ion rechargeable batteries extremely easy to replace when necessary. You don’t need to send them in for battery replacement. Either your audi or even you can do it yourself.


Thank you again for your advice. The ‘plan’. (if I think the More is worth it) is to give the OPN1 to my 92 year old mother in law that is on HA’s that are 7 years old (Costco-I forget the brand) which she has always complained about. Then bring her over to my audi and have her get an audiogram and then set up the OPN1 for a fee of $500.00

If you’re a DIY person than rather than investing $500 to fit the OPN on your mother-in-law, you can spend $180 on a NoahLink Wireless then use the in-situ audiometry from the free Genie 2 software to prescribe the in-situ audiogram result on the OPN for your MIL. But you will not be able to get REM done for her though.

You then will also be able to tweak your More later with the Noahlink Wireless after it’s gone through the basic setup by your audi, not to mention that you’ll also be able to do endless tweaks for your MIL as well, instead of keeping having to pay above and beyond the initial $500 setup fee if she requires more tweaking by the audi afterward.

Just throwing it out there, but it really depends on whether you’re into the DIY stuff or not in the first place though. It depends on how far the initial $500 setup fee will carry and how much the audi would want to charge for subsequent visits for your MIL.

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I did the switch from the OPN 1 to the More 1 a month ago. I love the More! Everything is better including feedback management. With the OPN I could get feedback if I brought my hand to my ear. The feedback management is so good on the More I never get any and can wear over the ear headphones without any special program created.

I’m happy customer.


Glad to hear that you’re happy with the More, including the improved feedback management. Just to clarify, the improved feedback management was already available with the OPN S (but not with the original OPN). In fact, it was the main new feature that differentiates the OPN S from the OPN, and they call this the OpenSound Optimizer. It’s actually a feedback prevention technology, so it’s proactively prevents the onset of feedback even before it occurs. The traditional Feedback Shield on the OPN is a reactive feedback management, not proactive feedback prevention.

This new OpenSound Optimizer feature starting with the OPN S carries over to the More, although they rename is the MoreSound Optimizer now.

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Thanks for the tips on this Volusiano - appreciate it! I am a DIYer and I looked into some of this when I first received the OPN1 close to 3 years ago, If I recall the software (at that time) was windows only. If that is still true that would also require the purchase of a windows computer as I’m on macs at home, I will look into the cost of subsequent visits for her. Everything depends on whether or not I think the More 1 is worth the 2600 I’d pay out of pocket.

You can install Boot Camp from Apple and Windows 10 in Boot Camp. The Oticon software (Genie) works OK for me running that way (iMac Pro running 10.15.7). See:

Apple Boot Camp

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I previously trialed the OPN S and did not have the same (good) results as with the More.


I heard from my audiologist (who I might have to change due to insurance considerations) that changing the rechargeable batteries would void the warranty of the hearing aids and buying such rechargeable batteries would be impossible as it needs FDA approved buyers or something like that. I’d prefer disposables but if changing rechargeables is possible, this would mitigate concerns of post COVID19 traveling without a charger and also when batteries unexpectedly drop (due to forgotten charging, etc.).

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My OPN 1’s went out of warranty two weeks ago. In the first week of March I had my audi send them back for a few aggravating problems. A few days later, they were returned with the explanation that Oticon had replaced everything and that the instruments were basically “new.” The warranty, when I inquired, is NOT continued beyond the original term.

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Waynetc, I use the free VirtualBox software to run Oticon Genie 2 on Windows 7 virtual running on a Mac Mini with MacOS 10.11 with absolutely no problems.

thanks for the info - appreciate it!

Same situation here. I was able to extend my warranty for 1 year with Audi for $140.00 (I think) and I can extend for 1 more additional year.
I did the same with Oticon EPOCH’s years ago - as it turned out I needed to use the warranty as 1 died suddenly.

I’m curious about the improved feedback management. My audiologist recommended custom molds for my OPN1s because feedback was such a huge issue for me. This makes me wonder if I could go back to regular domes when I’m ready to upgrade.

When Oticon released the OPN S with the OpenSound Optimizer which was their new proactive feedback prevention technology (as opposed to Feedback Shield which is their traditional reactive feedback management technology in the OPN), they touted that some users who must wear custom molds to prevent feedback before may now be able to switch to open domes. I think this may be a far reaching claim for some people, but possible for others, depending on how back their feedback issue is.

The More carries on this feedback prevention technology and Oticon just renamed it to MoreSound Optimizer.

So if/when you upgrade to the More or the OPN S, you may want to try to go back to the regular domes first to see if you can get away with it. Judging by your audiogram, I think it’s a possibility, especially if you use Speech Rescue to lower your high frequency bands to a lower area and turn off the high frequency bands sounds.

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Well with my hearing loss and an issue with my left ear mold I still get feedback with my OPNS1 aids. But then again I have always had issues with my left ear getting hearing aids molds to stay in place