HA's and glasses

Just did a quick search and didn’t find any discussion of this. I just got my HA’s for the first time (Starkey Muse rechargeable) and am loving them. One small issue I’m having is that my reading glasses, which I wear all day because I work on a computer, rub against the mic of the aids a lot. I seem to wiggle my ears and nose a lot more than I realized! Now I can hear it every time I do it. Anybody else experience this? Am I likely to stop doing wiggling now that I have an audio response every time I do it?

Stylish frames often have thicker components. You might pick up a cheap pair of reading glasses. I’ve used those on computers and they’ve worked well and have wire parts. I don’t notice a problem but I don’t have very long hair on the sides.

Are you sure it’s the temples of your glasses doing this? The more likely culprit is your hair, since the mics are on the top and not the sides of the HA’s. The temples of your glasses probably are pushing your HA’s further out from your head when your glasses are on causing your hair to brush the mics. Over time you will get used to it and probably learn to ignore it. Good luck!

I’m thinking of getting some old fashioned wire frames with ear hooks. The temples of my glasses often get in the way of my hearing aids.

I wear glasses all the time and switch to readers for continual close work. I put on my glasses first then the HAs sit on top of those. No noise involved. My hair is mid length so not much of a problem with hair noise either. I change glasses without problem slipping them on under the HAs without removing the HAs. This does not cause significant noise. Glasses with smaller earpieces are best as room behind the ears can be at a premium. The microphones are on top of the HAs so glasses need to be under the HAs and will not then interfere with the microphones.

Where are you wearing your glasses relative to your aids?

I’m with Carol. My glasses’ frames are just about right on my ears with the HAs resting comfortably above them. Never have any problems with noise from the microphones.

I have never had a problem with various glasses and my HA. The ear pieces slip on and off between my head and the HA. I have been wearing a BT headset on my right ear for the last 10 or 15 years. I wear it almost all day long as I am on the phone a lot. That seems to slip on between my eyeglasses and the HA. No problems.

Noise has never been a problem. Sometimes my eyeglass temples and HAs don’t fit neatly behind my ears. Not really a huge problem. I probably just need thinner eyeglass temples.

Hey there, sorry I actually forgot that I posted this! It’s been about two weeks now and I am getting used to things and not wiggling my ears as much as the first few days. The noise I get now is definitely the glasses temple piece rubbing or knocking against the mic. I’m also noticing that they push the HA back behind my ears instead of the HA being directly over my ear. Is the HA supposed to be behind or on top of my ear?

Behind the ear(BTE)

That depends on the HA and they sit above my glasses starting at the apex(top) of the area behind my ears. They go about half way down the back of my ears so they sit high and don’t take up the whole area behind my ears. The larger the HA you wear then the further back behind the ears they go. They should still sit on top of glasses largely. Just ask your audiologist to take a look at where they are sitting and help you get the best result for you.

My OPNs are fairly small so while they sit behind the ear, they sit up high in the upper area right behind the ears and are still well concealed. My audi said that it’s better for it to be in the upper area so that the mics positioned on top of the HAs can pick up sounds better from “higher ground”.

When I wear my sunglasses usually the bent (down) part of my temples sit right on top of the HAs, but they don’t bother me that much or make that much noise due to rubbing around.


I bought a cheap pair of reading glasses in a supermarket here in the UK and they work fine with my Oticon BTE aids. the reading glasses have a thin metallic frame and are very comfortable with my aids.

Like you I wear reading glasses almost all day at work for the same reason as you and obviously I wear my hearing aids all day too. Couldn’t manage without both.

Mine seem to be mostly on top - maybe a tiny fraction behind. The glasses always slide under HA - and I put them on’off all day long. Wear a BT headset for hours on some days, and the ear hook slides against head on inside of HA and glasses frame.

I don’t have a lot of experience, but, so far, I’ve worn my HI Health Innovations BTE aids for about a month and I definitely get noise interference between my aids and my glasses. It’s as if the glasses are “live” and any movement of the glasses causes a brushing sound with the HA mics. I even occasionally get a sound with movement of my glasses and the HA’s when I’m walking. I figure I would eventually get used to the sound, but I was glad to see when wearing a trial set of the Costco KS7’s, I didn’t have the same problem. I have a pair coming in about 10 days and I’m hoping they won’t interfere with the glasses. I didn’t wear my HI Health aids to the Costco appointment, so I couldn’t compare size, but I think the KS7’s might be just enough smaller to avoid the sound interference. I hope so. I’m not about to lay out $400+ for a new pair of glasses unless my prescription changes.

You’d pay a lot less for a new pair of glasses if you took your prescription to Costco. I just got new frames with progressive lenses at Costco for under $200

That’s true, but the point is I don’t want to change glasses just to prevent interference with the HA’s. I like the optometrist I have, but the next time I really need to change prescriptions, I’ll take his prescriptions and shop around.

How can your glasses be rubbing the mics?

They don’t rub the mics directly, but they touch the HA’s very near where the mics are. It’s as if the body of the HA is itself “live” near where the mic openings are. I can take the HA off my ear (leaving the thin tube that carries the sound to my ear in place) and recreate the sound with the body of the HA nowhere near my glasses or my hair. I’m not talking about touching the mic openings, but just touching the HA near the mic opening. My glasses touch the body of the hearing aid when they’re in place and the touching or moving of the glasses causes a sound in the HA. For whatever reason, when I tried the KS7’s before buying, I didn’t experience this effect. Maybe the KS7’s are smaller or maybe the mics of the KS7’s are better isolated from the bodies of the HA’s.