GN Hearing launches ReSound ENZO Q and new additions to LiNX Quattro

Still no real reviews regarding the performance of the ReSound Enzo Q. No detailed feedback as how aid performs in various situations, nor which programs stand out. No thumbs up or down on how aids perform in noisy situations, or how well HA streams. Is the Enzo a big leap from the Linx Quattro or a small leap? How does the aid stack up against the competition? Hopefully someone will step up the plate and do decent review of the latest power hearing aid to hit the market before the year is out.

Not wanting to sound obtuse, but don’t you think there’s a pretty good reason at the moment why there are no reviews of this aid in crowded bars, trains, restaurants or airport terminals?


Oh so that’s the reason no review. No don’t think so because its lack of users unfortunately, since reviews are clearly lacking on power aids. In any case next time Blue Angels fly over my home, I’ll look for more “reviews” regarding noise/hearing aids. Thank U Um_bongo for your insightful thoughts.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that for most new model hearing aids that overall it’s a small step. For some it may be a big step. Some will see it as a step backwards. The only way to know is to try it yourself. Best to keep your expectations low and you’ll be less likely to be disappointed.

Actually Um_bongo I agree and I’ve been thinking that since I will not have an opportunity to try hearing aids in a noisy restaurant now, this it would not be a good time to try new ones. I am using the ReSound Prezas from Costco. I had a phone conversation with a Costco “dispenser”. He told me that there is no h/a available that would perform acceptably in a noisy restaurant and suggested that I purchase the Multi Mic for that use and the other features it offers e.g. I would be able to connect my Samsung 6 to my aids with it.


That was the point I was making. You would think the industry was on a mission against power aid wearers from the post above. Suffice to say, we know that the Enzo 3D worked pretty well in terms Power and we also know that the Quatttro brings in better connectivity +4dB aerial, better performance in noise, more app functionality and a better feedback manager.

Now that might appear only incremental to someone, but it you were particularly struggling with one aspect of your fitting then that would be a big improvement for you. I guess it’s pretty subjective.

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