Genie 2022.2

I just got a message that a Genie update is available. Does anyone know what is new/different in the 2022.2 version?

Edit: found this.

Oticon Own hearing aids.

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One of the perks with Genie 2022.2 and Firmware 1.4 for Mores is hands free phone without Connectclip.
Also claims other improvments.

This indicated area: (Hearing Aid Fitting Software | Genie 2 and FittingLINK | Oticon) does not work because it asks for a login and password, but from an Oticon employee or retailer. It is not open to the public for download it’s program. Still lost, I need the 2022.2 update. I’ve got a Xceed SP.

Yep, that version is behind username/password protection.
Suggested reading; DIY School (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software)
Just click any PVC Avatar to find DIY School.