Galaxy S23/24, Bluetooth 5.3/5.4

Anyone know if there is any advantage in waiting for BT 5.4 in the S24 with regard to connectivity with H/As?

In regards to LE Audio and Auracast? yes that would be awesome in S24, but it’s BT 5.3 same as S23 as far as the leaked specs say.

S23 also seems to have LE Audio although I haven’t used it. The NRF Connect app shows LE Audio compatibility. Only advantage to S24 that I’m aware of is faster CPU and better AI. If OP can wait a month or two and the cost of a new phone isn’t an issue, I’d wait. If can’t wait or cost is an issue, S23 is a nice phone.

Sounds like you think it would be advantageous to wait for the S24 if it has BT 5.4. I’m reading that 5.3 either does not have all the LE features that 5.4 does, or Samsung has not enabled them. I saw one spec table that indicated the S24 will have BT 5.4, but I guess it could be wrong and we have to wait for more definitive info. As I search more, I see more references to 5.3 and only occasional reference to 5.4.

I can get quite a deal from my carrier on an S23+ with a trade in of my S20. Roughly $15/mo for 24 mo or $360. Hard to turn down and the offer expires today. Given the price and the unlikelihood of 5.4, I’ll probably go for it.

After that, will be moving up from my Prezas to the Jabra Enhance Pro 20.

Great deal on S23+. I don’t think BT 5.4 brings anything great to the table for the typical user.

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I’ve read that Samsung has not enabled some of the BT LE features:
Why do Samsung S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra not support aptX Adaptive and aptX HD Bluetooth codecs? - MobilityArena

Perhaps capability is indicated in the phones but no access?