Costco to get Jabra Enhance Pro 20

Me too.
Universal Bluetooth for all.

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@njk Please let us know what they say. I’m very confident that the Jabras will support hands free calling as soon as the necessary hooks are built into the phone’s operating system. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t actually be LE Audio devices.

I’ve been doing daily searches on “LE Audio” for three years now, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone state outright that they’ve used LE Audio on their phone. I know not everyone immediately announces their smallest doings on the internet, but still…

I’ll take a longer term position on LE Audio. My next aids will last me three years. I’m expecting to see much more LE Audio functionality in the wild well before their time is up. My fear is that Costco might let me trial the Phillips and I like the sound much more than the Jabras.

This is exciting to me knowing Cochlear is linked with Resound.

Be patient. You know the brain will adjust.

Thanks for all your updates.

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I don’t see BT LE listed as one of the Pixel 8’s features. It needs to be both on the phone and on the hearing aids.

I wouldn’t expect BT LE to work perfectly from the get-go. Human beings are highly skilled at reading the same thing and coming up with differing interpretations.

I’m pretty confident Pixel 8 has LE Audio (BT LE is different–they all have it) You can check by downloading NRF Connect app. Check Devices and then Device information. Info the BE LE features the phone has there, inccluding LE Audio.


@MDB Thanks for clarifying that the NRF Connect app shows LE Audio compatibility for your Samsung S23.
I’ve just checked my Pixel 8 Pro and it shows these results:
LE Audio supported YES
LE Audio Broadcast Source supported NO
LE Audio Broadcast Assistant supported NO
Max connected audio devices 5

Would you let us know your results for the last 3 categories (source, assistant & #).
Jabra reports that hands free on the EP 20 only works with these devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 +
  • Samsung Galaxy S23

I called Jabra tech support this morning and they said hands free will NOT work with the Pixel 8 Pro and I’m trying to figure out why.

The Jabra compatibility page says this:
*Hands-free calling and Auracast broadcast audio works with Jabra Enhance Pro 20 and compatible mobile devices with Bluetooth 5.3 or later and the latest Bluetooth LE Audio streaming protocol.

Your NRF Connect results may help explain why Samsung BT 5.3 is different from Pixel 5.3.
Depending on your answer I may call Google to see if I can learn more about their version of 5.3 / LE Audio.

I’ve read that Samsung has not enabled some of the BT LE features:
Why do Samsung S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra not support aptX Adaptive and aptX HD Bluetooth codecs? - MobilityArena

Perhaps capability is indicated in the phones but no access?

Mine reads YES, NO, YES and 2.
So the significant difference seems to be the LE Audio Broadcast Assistant supported is a YES in mine and NO in yours. If I remember correctly, this used to be a NO until a fairly recent firmware update. Interesting that the Pixel 8 supports up to 5 devices and S23 only 2.
I think it’s highly likely that Pixel 8 will fully support with an update in the not too distant future.

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The Jabra Enhance Pro 20 with the rechargeable lithium battery is very small. I got the Enhance Pro 20’s with the size 13 battery with telecoil. They ae probably 30% larger than the rechargeable aids… The size 13 batteries y lasted for 8 days at 18 hours per day use (no streaming).
I’m going back on December 6th for my first adjustment after the fitting. So far the only thing I don’t like is the feedback when I am close to vertical hard surfaces.

The Hear in Noise program is excellent, it really reduces background noise. The sound is good when streaming from my Android 13 phone, though not as good as earbuds. I noticed when I left the aids connected to my phone the battery life on the phone was used a lot. I leave the connection turned off now and it turns on to connect via the phone app to make adjustments to the aids.


I’m new with the Jabra Enhance Pro 20.

Is the Hear-in-Noise program something that must be specifically enabled? Mine have All-Around, Restaurant, Front-Focus, and a Music program. Wondering if one of these is that but renamed in my app.


Restaurant is the one. As in: Hearing your fellow diners while attempting to minimize the background noise.

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These or Philips for high frequency loss??Thanks

Sharing your audiogram will help us help you.
There are lots of different high frequency hearing losses.

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I have Jabra Enhance 10s, and a ReSound Multi-Mic (external mic). The latter includes a T-coil, and it works with the 10s/20s. So I just rely on the Multi Mic if I need the T-coil–it doesn’t have to reside behind my ear.


I’ve checked my Sony 1 V (Android 14) with NRF Connect
and it shows these results:
LE Audio supported YES
LE Audio Broadcast Source supported YES
LE Audio Broadcast Assistant supported YES
Max connected audio devices 5

Unfortunately, I currently still have the old Resound Linx2,
so I cannot test the connection.
I’m waiting to buy Resound Nexia.


I was supposed to get my Jabra Pro 20’s today, but there was a mix up and they sent the rechargeables. I want the battery version. I’m told they will be heftier than the previous model, but I still want to give them a try and I’ll return one of the pairs, as I’m still in my trial period for the 10s. I’ll report back next week.

Someone metioned above about the not hearing the turn signal in their car with the Jabras. Man, that was one of the first things I noticed. I was driving my monther-in-laws Honda Fit and it has really light turn signal sound. I could barely hear it and even asked a dealer if they could turn the sound up. (They could not.). After getting the Jabras, I could hear loud CLICK, CLICK, CLICK in the Honda. The turn signals in our other cars became TOO loud.


Any recommendations for best to get at Costco ? THANKS

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Thanks for sharing your audiogram. This will definitely help the members here help you.

You have a pretty bad hearing loss there. It reminds me a little of mine years ago before getting CI’s. I see your word understanding scores are down too.

It’s too bad Costco doesn’t carry Phonak aids at this time. They would probably be the best choice for your loss. I believe you need frequency lowering to bring some of your high frequency hearing loss down into your lower better hearing frequencies. This would enable you to use less powerful hearing aids.

From reading here on the forum the Phillips or Rexton aids might be best for your loss. The Resound are good aids but don’t have the frequency lowering technology of the Rexton and Phillips aids.

You definitely need to get hearing aids and wear them to not lose anymore of your hearing. Otherwise your word understanding will continue to fall.

We have a few pros on this forum that share great information. Hopefully they will chime in on this thread.

Something to might consider is starting a new thread just for you.

Good luck


Very nice summary of Costco