Forgot to take off hearing aids before taking a shower

I knew I would do it sometime and it happened today, got into the shower with my aids on.
It was only for about 10 to 15 seconds, so I jumped out a bit quick and dried them off and then put them into my dehumidifier, do you think they will be OK or should I see my audiologist to check them out.


I have done it before, no longer than you were in the shower with them they should be okay. I would make sure they have a longer dry cycle

Thanks for the help.


Last week! I had them muted because of the kids, so I had forgotten that I was wearing them. The Bolero B90’s are rated to be waterproof, though. No problem with them, luckily.

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Found this in the guide: Your hearing aids are resistant to water, sweat and dust under the following conditions: • After exposure to water, sweat or dust, the hearing aid is cleaned and dried.


You’ve got the Audéo Marvels, right? If so, they’re (all variants) IP68 rated:

" IP68 indicates that the hearing aid is water resistant and dust tight. It survived continuous immersion in 1 meter of water for 60 minutes and 8 hours in a dust chamber as per the IEC60529 standard. No traces of dust were evident within the housing."

That’s good to know, thanks very much.


Not a problem. I used to do it so often I thought I should put a warning sign on the shower door. Throw the batteries and put them in a dryer for a bit.


I ruined a $7000 pair of HAs but a $40 used set survived the shower. My problem is that they are so comfortable that I forget they are there. So I have thought of a warning sign on the shower door. One response said they had them turned down. IMHO if they are working right, having them turned up should not be noticeable. What I want is HAs that I dont know I am wearing. Loud is NOT good.

I’ve done this many times. Never had a problem.

I pretty much give my aids a bath everytime I go walking or work in my yard. I sweat really bad and the humidity is really high around hear most of the time. When I am finished I place my hearing aids in the dryer for a cycle or two and they are fine. I make sure to wear sweat bands aroung my head, which helps for a will then they saturate with sweat and then they are no longer helpful. My aids are ITE aids, some complain that the ITE aids, and Rite aids are the worse for failure due to moisture, I haven’t seen the issues with my ITE aids but I have with Rite aids. My Audi says that most of the times with the older Rite hearing aids it is the fact that mositure gets in the aids by way of the battery door, and the holes for the mics. And the newer aids with the higher levels of protection are not having the issues.

I dove into a swimming pool on vacation with the hearing aids in. Forgot I had them in. out them in dryer and a few hours later they were fine.

I actually wore my KS 8s while swimming in the pool. After scooping them up from the bottom of the pool, I took them home, put them in the HA dryer, and everything was fine except for the batteries. These new aids are designed to be OK in the rain – the engineers did a great job of water-proofing them. (PS I DON’T recommend swimming or showering with them, but they are pretty forgiving of an occasional mistake.)

Well I got caught in a major downpour yesterday while walking from to-go counter to car picking up dinner. Hearing aids were fine but the batteries both died due to getting moisture in them somehow.

One night while on a trip out of town I was really sleepy after traveling all day. At the motel I got into bed in the dark, took out my HA’s and put them in a little plastic cup on the nightstand. In the morning I found I’d put them in someone’s cup of water. Since I’d opened the battery doors there was no short circuiting so I dried them out completely, put in new batteries and all was well. Except for my ego…

Other replies have indicated they certainly should be ok, in fact it’d be a poor show if you couldn’t go out in the rain with your HAs on. Clean water itself isn’t particularly harmful to electronics but water and electricity will rapidly cause corrosion if they mix. So to be safe, take the batteries out and dry your aids thoroughly before putting them back.

And to kill an old myth, putting wet electronics in rice is about the worst thing you can do!
See Rice Is for Dinner, Not Repair - iFixit

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Water and electricity together don’t cause corrosion. Corrosion is a chemical process, generally oxidative. There will be a potential difference in galvanic corrosion, but that’s still a chemical process.

I’m not interested in splitting hairs over this, but an elctric current passing through an electrolyte between two electrodes generally causes an electrochemical action which doesn’t normally improve things. You’d probably be ok showering under distilled or deionised water with your HA’s on, but not many people do that. Soap gets you cleaner. Did you follow the iFixit link?

I follow a rule: Before I set foot in a shower, I stick a finger in each of my ears. This has saved my rear end several times.


I always love good practices that prevent doing stupid things…like jumping into the swimming pool and hearing you right aid make a beep. Sounds like this is the last sound that I’ll make: Ever!
I ran back to the lockers, dried them further with the Air Knife hand dryer, forgot about them afterwards, put them in the Lux Dryer for HA’s and…THEY WORK!

Like I said before, the Phonak Bolero B90’s are said to be waterproof. I tested it and they are indeed waterproof enough for diving into the pool.