Forgot to take off hearing aids before taking a shower

I did this once, about 15 or so years ago with some ReSounds.

Now before I put my head under the shower, I look at the shower head and stroke the tops of my ears three times as I count one, two, three.

I made this a habit, and do it every time. If the aids are in, I’ll feel them.

At $6,000 or so, it’s not anything I want to soak again.


I did this once with my KS8 aids. Realized I had them in as soon as the shower hit my ears. I had my wife bring me the dryer, popped out the batteries, and put them in the dryer overnight. They were fine.

I did it only ONCE and only for about 2 seconds with my Resounds in. Left one now burns up batteries in a few hours. Used to go 5 days. They are NOT waterproof. I now wear ONLY cheap aids so it doesnt cost so much if i screw up. I looked for a shop to fix the left one. Was quoted $150 which was ok considering the cost of the things to begin with, but then he told me that if he couldnt fix it it would STILL be $150. I was supposed to send them to him in another state and trust that he actually tried to fix them and take my money either way. Didnt do it. Wasnt born yesterday!!!

I take mine to the audiologist where I purchased them. They either fix them in-house or send them off. So far the few times I’ve needed them, they fixed in house - same day.


I remember seeing this thread not long after joining HT and thinking, I’ll never do that…ha did it only after a couple of months with aids. Got in thinking I sure am hearing good today wo my aids (the water sounded so good) crabbed the shampoo and started rubbing it in and surprise, felt um. Put them back on when I got out and I could hear I guess water moving around the mics when I would move my head. They were ok next day.