For Sale: Oticon OPN 1

Hi, I am selling pair of oticon Opn 1 hearing aids:

here is link to my ebay ad:

The description says 1 aid but the photo shows 2.

opn 1 is model name. here is a quick search on it:

1 is the premium model.

per the following:

The Opn Family: Meeting Even More Audiological Needs.

The difference between Opn 1, 2, and 3 is how effective OpenSound Navigator is for the patient. If a patient chooses Opn 3 (as opposed to Opn 1 or 2), they will not have quite as cleaned up of a sound environment.

This is not the place for advertising promos. Do that on EBay.

We already know what these hearing aids do.

But then I promote it by replying. So you win :wink:

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Look at the listing again.

Quantity 1 available

i don’t see where you are seeing that…perhaps you could share screenshot

but i have updated listing in title:

“oticon opn 1 minirite pair” by adding pair in the end

also if you read last line in listing “the auction is for the pair of left and right aids.”

so there is no ambiguity…

@pvc I am just responding here. I am grateful for this forum this is great support community for us.

In the Safari browser on my iPhone under About this Item. I see browsers on the desktop show differently.

Your welcome on the forum like anyone else, don’t listen to him, he’s not the moderator here, it’s none of his business what your selling, and it was a good thing to discuss and describe the difference between the models your selling for other people,
Good luck with your sale.

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Sorry about the interruption , some of our forum answerBots have run amuck. Though, it’s likely just temporary because a feasibility program in underway to replace them with ChatGPT. :laughing:

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You must point out in your listing that the buyer will need to make a new custom mold because everyone’s ears have unique shapes. Also your receivers will have some degree of wear and moisture damage, so it will be better if they buy a pair of new receivers too.

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They may need different power of receivers too. There is the potential to damage someone’s hearing if they are set too strong for them.

ok i have put this text in there:

the mold is custom and you will very likely need a new custom mold for yourself or you could use standard dome.

does this sound right as i never used dome.

You can actually remove those molds if you really wanted to, or the whole shebang, receiver with the mold, personally I wouldn’t worry to much about it, most people looking to buy used would have a basic understanding of what their looking for anyways.

Click the following link in order to see how it is done;