Fitting Guide for Phonak iPFG 2.5a

For anyone who doesn’t have it, here is a working link to Phonak iPFG 2.5a software download:

The only Fitting Guide I can find is for 2.4, which doesn’t seem to be very complete. Does anyone have a link to the 2.5a version?

Thanks for any help.

I also wonder where we can find a fitting manual for Phonak.

I’m using the 2.6 software now. Finally decided there is no available “Fitting Guide”. Instead everything is in the software “Help” system. If someone knows better I’d be glad to be educated.

While looking at the “professional” section of the Phonak site I did see some tutorials. There were not many but very nice.

The iPFG program is for trained professionals. You will need to read and learn as much as you can to utilize the program. It appears simple at first but the more you learn about it the deeper it gets.

Good luck

I found those tutorials yesterday. They are verbal and I am deaf. How can I understand them? :confused::confused::mad:

DO you think that you benifited more from self programming than going to the audi?

Are you suing Icube?

I also in the search of fitting manual for Phonak but no success yet.
The tutorials which you mentioned I rea that also but these were not enough and a full manual is required.

I felt the Phonak tutorials were extremely elementary and not much help. If you have any luck finding the manual, please post the information. I am interested in learning more about the programming. Thanks.

I am using the iCube. Self programming takes a lot of time and effort, and I’m sure I’ll never master it all. But since I was unable to find a local audi that I felt was really interested, affordable and capable I really had no choice. I’m very pleased with the results so far, but it will be an ongoing project. I get a lot of clues just by reading all the posts here . . . then experimenting until I find what works for me. When something doesn’t get the results I expected I just go back to the previous setting and try again.

Do you start programming from the beginning or you just build on over what the audi has done?
Can the system you have elect the programming that the audi already done and save it to your computer as well, or you need to do all the work from the beginning?

When you fire up the software it gives you the option to read from the aids or start from scratch. Since I bought on line and did not pay extra for programming (although I did provide my audiogram) I suspect there was little or no programming done by the vendor. The software also keeps a running history of the configuration so you can elect at any time to go back to a previous one if you don’t like the current setup. I’ve done that several times without any problem.

Have you started self programming?

Do any of you self-programmers use any verification measurements? Have you purchased $10000 real-ear measurement machines? I suppose it’s not too bad if you are making very small adjustments to a professional fitting that you have read off of your aids. I am concerned that your adjustments may be detrimental just as often as they are helpful. There are reasons people who fit hearing aids go to school and generally require a government license to practice. Sorry if I sound a little harsh but I guess part of me would like to ensure that hearing aids don’t become an over-the-counter product. There are dangers to poor fittings and I am also (somewhat selfishly) protective of my profession.

I am not an expert, but from what I read here most audiolgists don’t know how to fit different brands of hearing aids.
If you are professional, it doesn’t mean that you know the software and how it works and how to adjust the hearing aids. That’s a different story. In addtion, not all audis have those machines . I haven’t read any post here that an audi made such a test like the one you mentioned.

I installed iPFG 6.0 to see what features can be programmed into the Phonaka. Alas, I cannot even get that far as all features are task oriented (good for Audis). I cannot even find where the HI mics can be set separate from the speakers except of iCom.

cigarettes and aspirin are ok as over the counter products and VERY safe to all users in your book? Some of us self programmers do what we do because there is no other option!

Here we go again with the “danger” word. All of you self-programmers should really be scared now. Hah!

The only danger that I am aware of is using a power instrument (or a power receiver) when your loss doesn’t require that amount of power. The manufactures provide warnings for this when you use power products. Please show me another danger if I am wrong.

Generally, I believe you can get more benefit from self programming than you can get from a person who went to school and obtained a government license to practice. Why? Because many audis are working with a large conflict of interest. They need to make a profit from you. I can point out many of these conflicts-of-interest problems here in this forum and the common result is that your ability to hear better is compromised/sacrificed.

My wife’s hearing has vastly improved since I took over the task of selecting hearing instruments and programming them myself.

I couldn’t agree more with your statement about many audis working with large conflict of interest! My audi has complained about how much time she has been spending with me and how many programming adjustments she’s had to make - and it’s still not right. The more time she spends with me, the less time to “sell” hearing aids. My adult son has come to several appointments with me and he wants to get the equipment and start programming them for me. I don’t want to sound ungrateful to the audi for her time/effort, but I do feel my ability to hear better is being compromised because she depends on SELLING HA’s in order to run her business.

In your case that equipment would be iPFG 2.6, a Hi-Pro (search EBay), standard CS44 cables, and a set of these adapters that you can make yourself, Click -> HERE.

A little more info.

If you don’t want to make adapters for the CS44 program cables, find a set of Phonak CS44a cables, they are exactly what you need. Another option is to get your hands on an iCube. The Phonak iPFG 2.5a program is also fine for the Smarts. I had problems with errors running the 2.6 on my 32 bit Windows Vista laptop.

There is help here on this forum.
Good luck