Finally, an Equalizer that really works with streaming

About a year ago, I downloaded the Wavelet App to my android smartphone.
It automatically pre-sets the eq for over 2700 different models of headphones.
If yours aren’t on the list, you can use the graphic eq to create one to your liking.
I created one based on my audiogram for a pair of IEM’s that weren’t on the list, but my high freq. loss was bad enough that I need my HA’s to enjoy the full range.

This AM, I was working out, and used my Oticon ConnectClip to stream some Spotify stuff.
Not realizing that the Wavelet app was running (don’t remeber when i turned it on), but the sound was really nice, especially the upper frequencies.
I looked down at the phone and realized the app was running,and was quite impressed.
It works on android at system level, without the need to root your phone!
I have no connection to the dev who created it, but I believe it’s worth looking in to.
Oh yeah, the basic app is free, no ads, either.

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Did I understand correctly, it covers the complete phone output, and is not a player which then can modify only music from it?

If yes, it’s definitely worth trying :slight_smile:

Hm, ok, it’s something different.

Legacy mode is turned off by default, because features will become available in Wavelet whenever an application notifies the operating system about music playback starting by sending a broadcast.
Spotify, YT music, Shuttle, Phonograph, Google Play Music and many more music players send a broadcast, thus features in Wavelet will show up.
Some players like Poweramp, Neutron, Musicolet, BlackPlayer and Deezer require additional configuration.
Tidal, Pandora, YouTube, Soundcloud, Qobuz, VLC, Plexamp, foobar2000 and most music applications that came preinstalled on your phone, do not send a broadcast. Therefore no features will show up. You can try enabling legacy mode and see if your device allows Wavelet to process your music in this mode. Legacy might work, depending on your device manufacturer’s audio framework implementation.
You will have to experiment with legacy mode and see what works best.

I’m commenting so I can find this post in the future more easily.

When you try it, let us know your impression.
Since my post, the dev has released another update, so it is covering more headphones.

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Well, here is my deal: I have a cheap prepaid android phone with no service on wifi in my bathroom. I use it to listen to the bible through the youverse app, played via bluetooth into a waterproof bluetooth speaker in my shower. I don’t have my hearing aids in (in the shower, of course) plus it is an “extra bass” speaker, so overall it sounds kind of muffled and I have to have it blasting to understand it. Hoping perhaps this program will run on the cheap android phone and allow me to crank up the treble for the bible app. Have not found anything else that can do this.

The Wavelet app was not available on the play store for me. Probably because my cheap phone is so old. But I did download a free app called Equalizer FX which works just great. Treble boosted, bass down, I can understand my bluetooth speaker again without my aids in.

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Which equalizer works also with the phone output?
I tried Sonic Cloud, but this app works only with US carriers, and not in Europe.

Have you tried wavelet or, as Rev_Hugh suggests,
Equalizer FX
These are specifically Music EQ’s.
Wavelet is primarily customized for headphones.

I tried Equalizer FX, but this is not affecting the phone output.
Wavelet is unfortunately not available for iPhones, only for Android.

Well, you never mentioned it was an iPhone, sorry.