ENT recommended speaking to audi about bone anchored device!

Hi all,

Just recently had ear tubes fitted. ENT says it can take upto 4 weeks for them to “settle” and see what if any help they are. While discussing my difficulties hearing in any sort of noise etc he mentions speaking to my Audi about. Bone Anchored Device and suggested “Osia or something similar”. I was really taken back by this as I don’t feel I’m “deaf” by any nature or would need anything like that!!! When I asked him he said my conductive loss is enough that he can see me struggle in certain areas. That, and that I have Mastoid Effusion and said my hearing can fluctuate and hearing aids usually don’t work as well.

Has anyone heard of this?

I’m feeling that this might be a little overboard and maybe I just need different hearing aids/ adjusting until we can find the perfect balance?

Regarding the tubes, I have not noticed any improvement with my hearing - In fact I feel it a little worse!!!


It’s the new BAHA from cochlear.

It’s a very good Aid if you do have a conductive loss.

I have the Osia. Love it! I also have conductive loss, bad in one ear. What got me the Osia however, I believe was my eustachian tube dysfunction that periodically affected my hearing. The Osia (or any baha) bypasses this.

For me the Osia was far, far better for punching up volume and restoring nearly normal hearing (!) levels of my worse right ear in the middle to upper decibel range. Remarkable! Also, it’s very very good for speech recognition.

You seem to think that it’s an extreme option. Not at all. It’s a different approach to hearing loss. No trad HA can make frequencies sound that have been lost due to conductive damage. A BAHA can as long as your cochlear nerve is fine–mine is normal and capable of transmitting normal range of sound. Hello, bird songs!

the Osia has no post (abutment) which I like. some have issues with infection around the post. Look into a baha, I suggest!

all that said, I also use trad BTE aids with the Osia volume turned down a bit when playing guitar or listening to live music. The sound quality of the Osia for music isn’t that good. For voices and everyday, it’s just fine.