Easy Line Remote not working with Pixel 6

Although my Pixel 6 sends audio to my Kirkland KS10.0T aids without problems, the Easy Line Remote app does not work: even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app. and successfully re-pairing the aids, I get an “Internal error” message with “We are sorry, something unexpected has happened. Please restart your hearing aids, reset your bluetooth connection and try again.”

The Easy Line Remote app still works with my Pixel 3a XL phone. Both have Android 12.

I did get one firmware update for the KS10.0T aids. Has there been more than one?

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No sign of a further firmware update.

Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, I believe they have different chipsets for Bluetooth and the regular one does both standard Bluetooth and BLE but the pro only does BLE

Not sure what you’re talking about. From what I can tell 6 and 6 Pro share the same chipset, although 6 Pro does have more RAM. Regardless, Bluettooth chipsets are backwards compatible. I’d guess some sort of software or firmware issue. There’s new hardware and new version of Android at play.

Easy Line Remote seems to be working successfully with my new Pixel 6 Pro and KS10s. Android 12, with Nov. 5 security update.

Apologies I can’t find the link where I saw they had different Bluetooth chips but looking at specs they support the same stuff so I must be mistaken. Been researching because I want to upgrade to the 6 and found a ton of complaints on the Pro and hearing aids.


There are 2 different ways BLE can be implemented one with 2 radios to support ‘classic’ and BLE and with 1 radio for only BLE so not always backward compatible with non BLE devices.

One thing I’ve see for Phonaks is to turn off the left ear and then connect to your phone and then turn on the right. For some reason people say it finds left one first so nothing streams.

2nd was to unpair and then fire off the Phonak App and let them find it first and pair to the phone for you.

Good luck and let us know.

Mine is the “regular” (not Pro) Pixel 6 with that same Android Version. I reported the problem in the Play Store and got a reply with a link to Sonova to report the problem. No response yet.

The series of messages to which you provided a link are about problems with sending the audio from the phone to the hearing aids. That is not my problem: I get the audio in my aids just fine; my problem is that the Easy Line Remote app does not work with my aids.

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Sonova replied, asking whether my hearing aids had recently been adjusted. They haven’t, and I gave an even more detailed account of what I had tried. One strange thing I noticed is that although I am sure that with the Pixel 3a XL the app had a single Select button for both aids, now I see two separate Select buttons and I have no opportunity to click both: as soon as I click either, the app reports that the aids are connected but then reports that the other one is not detected,

When you go to Settings, Connected Devices on your phone, what comes up?

They replied again, saying that the fact that I see two separate Select buttons means that the aids probably “are not linked together and working as a pair of devices. Usually the only way to overcome that issue is for your hearing care professional to link them back up again.”

Rather than going back to Costco to get them relinked, I assume that I could do it myself with Target – but how?


You would need a NoahLink Wireless and the Target software.

Could Costco do a remote adjustment instead?

I should have made it clear that do already have the Noahlink Wireless and the Target software and have already used it to update my firmware, for example. Where in Target would I find the option to re-link the aids?


Have a look on the software, it’ll be easy to find. It’s somewhere in Device Options.

So what happens when you push the button on your HAs, as in charge volume and programs, they both change when you do this? As this would mean they are “linked” what about streaming calls and media, you hear the calls in both ears.

Or do they mean “paired” in the App?

Do you mean to “Delete” all pairings and then start again the pairing on the mobile device.
As the HAs are “linked” by default when saving.

@Z300M you may need to do this to get things back to normal.

Both aids change when I push buttons, and I hear streamed sound in both ears.

BUT I just connected the aids to Target, and it won’t let me retrieve settings from the aids because of “inconsistent fitting data.” I either have to start the hearing aid reset assistant in “Tools” or start a new fitting, which will result in pairings to mobile phones and accessories being deleted.

Which of those should I do, and how much will either of those procedures mess up the programmed frequency-response settings?

Ive never had this issue before,
so not sure how this happened to your HAs.
Did you try the option of load data from session?

Well you don’t have to do this usually, just the process as I explained before in device option…but because you can’t actually connect anymore, I’d start a new client, or if you can go to your original saved HA settings that you did when you first set up target, that would be good, otherwise you’ll need to start a new client and fitting (if possible)

Again you have the opportunity to use the reset tool, because now you may not even be able to start a new client while they are in this unstable state, so you can do that.

Both would start from scratch, although reset would be factory settings, I can’t understand why this has happened, don’t think anyone on the forum has posted about this, so you could be a first!

I retrieved data from a previous session and updated the aids’ settings, and all is now well again – and I now see the tap-sensitivity adjustment in the Easy Line Remote app as well, which was not there before.

I too have a problem with KS10s and Pixel 6. I cannot seem to pair both hearing aids. I also have a pixel 3 with shows 2 aids and pairs them both … works just like it’s supposted to . But the pixel 3 is now in a drawer playing backup phone.

All I ever see when trying to pair on Pixel 6 is R-KS. When I look at EasyLink it seems (sometimes) to show the Left aid as connected and nothing on the right. But most of the time it just tries to connect until it gives up.

On the other hand, the aids themselves seem to work ok. I hear out of both during phone calls. If someone here has a Pixel 6 and it works with the KS10s … how did you do it?