Domes backing out

After 6 days with almost no issues other than bluetooth smart connect (which will be resolved by a program changes this Saturday), running into issues with the domes backing out as the day goes on, and picking up feedback issues. Seems the aids are fine for about 1/2 day…then the domes drooping and backing out starts, and can’t seem to change it after it starts.

Talked to the HIS at Costco, she is talking about dome hooks…which I think has been referred to as dome locks on this forum. How well do these work? Am I headed towards molds?

I have not been in many noisy places, except one…church, and I was talking to three different people, and understood everyone fine. I was very well aware how much better it was. All in all pretty happy so far.

Well it does look like you’ve acclimated faster than may. The domes normally have a lock. They get called a lot of things by various manufacturers – sport’s lock seems common. It is a piece of monofiliment much like fish line. It helps hold them in for most. I found them a bit annoying but no deal breaker. I just got a single mold to try. Will likely get the second. My audiologist suggested ear locks for them. It goes into the ear and locks. It is a little curlicue and not too obvious. Really holds it well and the mold is quite comfortable. If things don’t work out well for staying, I’d suggest them. It does change the sound a bit; in my case, it was an improvement.

I have been wearing the Trax42XM for a couple of weeks now, my first HAs. Along with you it has been a quick acclimation, and I leave mine on Automatic 99% of the timne.

Costco automatically fitted mine with the locks. They slip on the receiver in front of the domes, and even though they began straight they are now coiled to fit my ears. I haven’t had any trouble with the HAs backing out.

I initially had domes with dome locks and they slid out of my ear. I tried Small, Medium, Large and they all did the same thing. I finally ended up having molds made. No locks and they stay in my ears except for once every few days they seem to slide out a bit. I haven’t figured out what causes that but it doesn’t happen enough for me to change anything. Molds were the answer for me.

I’ve been reading it’s the answer for many.

custom molds…don’t hesitate…you’ll never go back!

Appointment this Saturday to discuss. I’ve had very little issues with these HAs…but today has been an aggravation. This evening in particular, getting feedback, sitting here watching TV, and could be wrong, but it’s the domes seemingly not fitting right. Not sure why but the longer they are in my ears, the worse they get, speaking of one day. Cycle starts over with the next day. Kind of like my ear canals have expanded through having the domes in there. So…yes I may not dive into custom molds this Saturday, but it will be discussed.

Not so for me.

I persevered with custom molds for three months but could not get used to them. They felt full in my ear and every time I moved my jaw I felt them - talking, eating - everything felt was uncomfortable. My audi did try grinding them down a little but it didn’t help.

I am now back to tulip domes and they are so much better - I forget I have them in most of the time.

clean your domes and ear molds.

Been doing that from day one.

Why do people buy HA with off the shelf molds (called domes on this forum). You wouldn’t buy a $2K+ suit that wasn’t custom fitted.

Don’t know any better. Off the self domes is what the HIS stuck on there. But believe me, it will be discussed.

A lot of people find domes a simple and workable solution. YMMV

This was my experience, KenP, in my recent trial of Oticon Nera2 Pro. Next week I am off to Costco to try the Trax42. I thought the Oticons were pretty good, but still needed more fine tuning after my 2-week trial. Can anyone tell me how the Trax42 will compare to the Nera2 Pro in terms of fit? The domes of the Nera2 seemed to fit my ears very well.

for me it less noticeable when you wear it plus my ear canal is super small -_- but i had same issue as well it keeps slipping out so yah my Adui is ordered me a molds i hope it will be better because i keep getting a feedback form the HA with those domes

Because they are cheaper and easier to obtain and use. They are great for trials. But I think molds are much better if you are keeping the aids.

I just had one of mine sent back for a re-do. It never quite fit comfortably, which they should do if they were made correctly.

So right now I’m wearing a mold in one ear and a dome in the other. I had forgotten how crappy domes sound, and now I get feedback in that ear. Really looking forward to getting my mold back!

When you get a mold…and it doesn’t quite fit right…how do they know how to adjust it? Not understanding how a ‘re-do’ on molds can accurately be done. The comment domes sound crappy, as compared to molds, do others feel that way, because if molds improve the sound, I’m all for that. BTW I’m using the largest double domes they have.

Today I’ve got locks on the domes, and so far think they are better, but have to give it time to evaluate.

Why think the mold wouldn’t fit? I just got one and had them on my old aids and never a problem. They take a casting of your canal and make it from that. As to domes, you can take a pair of fine scissors and cut a slit in them if you want to try making them fit better. It is an old trick. If you do it on the front one it won’t push and might feel and act better.

If the sound is better with molds, it seems slight to me. Maybe a bit fuller for me but not a big difference. I could be imagining it it’s so similar.

Ken read where several people have issues with molds, and they have to do a redo…just like Greg mentioned above. I don’t have a clue, since I haven’t even handled a custom mold.

I do think these are staying in a bit better with that big tail on them.

even molds take time to get used to but I believe because they are custom fitted, people can get away with not cleaning them.