Does your Audi proactively notify you when there is a new firmware update?

Out of curiosity, does your Audi proactively tell you when there is a new firmware update to your HAs or peripherals?

I have never been approached by my Audi to come into the office to get a firmware update.

Since I have the More 1s, there have been 3 firmware updates and I only find out here in the forum.

I’m doing these updates myself now and somehow resent paying a very high fee for the “full service” where the Audi is not helping me get the full benefit by proactively notifying me of updates that add significant functionality (not just minor bug fixes).

What are your experiences with full service audiologists?

Thanks in advance.

Normally I am the one letting my audiologist know about updates.


Like you I let my Audi know. Thanks to this forum, I become aware of these updates. I’m thankful for HT


I let him know about firmware updates, and revision to the myPhonak APP.



is there a specific place on this forum that reports updates, or do folks hear about them on this thread?


The only way l have to catch FW update is here or with DIY software. Would seem manufacturer would have it on their apps. They show the FW but not update notice on Phonak.

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I’ve been using oticon aids for over 15 years and have never been told about updates!

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Thanks everyone for the responses… Something is definitely broken here :exploding_head:… Maybe its not the Audi… maybe its the manufacturer (Oticon in my case).

Oticon recently told everyone not to upgrade to IOS16 until they tested through their IOS app… maybe they should also tell people they just released a new firmware version and to reach out to the Audi to get the benefit…

Word of mouth is not a good communication strategy imho.

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I just emailed my audi about this. She mentioned when I was trialing my aids that it’s “always good to get the new updates”. In fact she downloaded a new update during my trial period!

With Kaiser I find that if I initiate something, they will follow through. Maybe the saje thing here. shoot an email asking about updates.

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I can check my firmware on MyPhonak, but not sure it would tell you if there is a more recent version. So plugged them into Target and it showed them at and showed that as the current version for Naida Phonak Paradise UP.

When I had Signia, you could email them and ask the current version.

Same here, User finds update, complains to Audi, Audi finds update.
I just checked MyPhonak App: Support- scroll to Legal Documentation- About MyPhonak and found I have Version 02/09/2022.

Usual doubt, September or February?

I normally find out about updates on this forum, then let my audiologist know about it. I also know that the updated cannot be done to my aids until the next VA contract renewal.


As I expected my audiologist didn’t know about the More firmware update until I emailed my notes to him for my appointment on October 7th.

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