Do iPhone’s still have telecoil?

Does anyone know if Apple are still making iPhones with telecoil?

I currently have a 6 but looking to upgrade. On the 6, the telecoil works really well.

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First free Apple doesn’t make hearing aids, Apple provides the MFI in the IOS for hearing aid companies to use. Second it depends on the hearing aids you choose. I have the Oticon OPNS aids and I do have t-coils, and do use them at my church and I am hoping some day for movies.
And iPhones are completely hearing aid compatible. Normally with the high ratings for hearing aids. But I know myself I stream my calls to my aids.

I don’t think phones have tcoil, but need to have a strong enough magnetic field to activate one. Whether or not I’ve got that right, here’s a compatibility list that suggests that newer iPhones are still tcoil compatible. About Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) requirements for iPhone - Apple Support


I can switch to telecoil without Mic and my iPhone 6 allows me to hear the caller just fine.

I don’t need a magnet or anything like that.

My aids have telecoil already. My iPhone 6 allows me to hear the caller when I activate telecoil. The iPhone 6 must have something in it to allow the telecoil to work.

Yes, it needs to be compatible with tcoil. From link above, it has a T4 rating, as do all other iphones.

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The standard hasn’t changed for the newer iPhones, they have just polished a few of the bugs out. I have the iPhone 7 Plus but like I said I stream my calls.

The HAC part is a magnet that is always on at the back of a phone. When held near an HA it triggers the telecoil in the HA to transmit the sound coming from the phone speaker down to the local receiver and across to the other side.
Try it. Hover the phone over a bare steel paper clip and it’ll affect the clip. It would be weaker if the phone has a cover.
Of course you need a telecoil program and/or automatic switching to it.

That’s how I understand it anyway.


Just my 2 cents worth. The magnet in my iPhone 6s is barely strong enough to trigger the t-coil program and I need to hold the phone hard against my head in exactly the correct position.
My workaround is a small magnet stuck on the phone or just manually switch to t-coil with the button on my HA’s

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Yes. My KS7’s came with a little magnet to stick on to a phone if weak or not HAC.

Never been able to get telecoils to work very well on phones. Streaming directly to the aids are the best voice recognition I’ve ever experienced. Whether it with a phone, tv or radio that’s what I prefer.

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@Zebras Do you use iPhone 6 without EasyCall II? If the answer is “Yes,” do I need to add t-coil program, and activate the t-coils from Target?

I wonder if I can use iPhone without EasyCall II or Compilot II. I wear a pair of Phonak Naida B90SP and have iPhone 6s.

For you question if newer iPhone have t-coil compatibility, here is the answer from Apple.

About Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) requirements for iPhone

@ikchulum yes I’ve stopped using my ComPilot and EasyCall. I have my t coil program on program 2 (AutoSense in program 1) so it’s just one press on my hearing aids to get to the right program when my iPhone rings.

Oh Zebras, I love you so much! I didn’t know that I can use T-coil on my new iPhone SE (2nd edition) since April this year. This is working fantastic.
I have to switch my CI into T-coil program and hold the iPhone next to my soundprocessor. Since the microphone is turned off in t-coil mode and I am absolutely deaf on my CI side I can confirm that T-Coil in iPhone SE (2020) is working great! Thanks a whole lot! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Great! This is fab! I’m pleased for you!

I have my telecoil set to my first press of my program buttons so if I get an incoming call, I can switch easily.

Lots of good information above. FYI, I have discovered that I can talk/hear quite well on my iPhone (8) with a naked ear! Such is the excellence of the iPhone’s acoustics. This is amazing, as my hearing loss is in the moderate-severe range. However, I hear much better/very well when I stream the phone thru my Costco-ReSound Cala’s (3 yr. old) or my Bose Hearphones (which during this masked-era are my first choice devices). Hearing phone calls has become the least of my problems.