DIY Self Programming Costco Brio 2 ITC hearing aids


Thanks for the tip. I`ll review the motherboard manual.


It’s still about the virtual port allocation within Windows - the ones on the front are a subset of the allocation vs. ‘direct’ com-ports on the back of the PC.


I can totally relate to the statement made by Volusiano about not wanting to have go back to Costco say a dozen times for tweak my Brio 2. I am experienced ha wearer. I came from Phonak Naida Q 50 BTE. and had a trial period with the Boler B50s which was a transforming experience. After doing some research on this forum decided to go with Costco Brio 2 but after four visits in two weeks for tweaking and a lot of frustration have decided that after all Costco is a wholesale warehouse with limited resources when it comes to hearing aids and specialists in the ha field. I believe the audis and specialists at Costco really want to do a good job but have limited experience when it comes to severe and profound hearing loss like myself. Then I have to realize the I’m the one who made the decision to go to Costco in the first place. I think for myself I was expecting too much from Costco and the Phonak Brio 2s. My hearing is better with the Brio 2s it is just that there seems to be a lot of problems with the adjustments. Thanks to everyone on the forum and Hearing Tracker for a place to vent and there is just a lot of information here too.


I got my MiniPro yesterday and hooked it up and ran into the com port issue initially as well. Note that I’m using it not for the Brio2 but for the OPN1 but it shouldn’t be relevant in this discussion anyway, just throwing it out there for clarification just in case somebody wants to ask me about Brio2 programming and I know nothing about it.

I connected the MiniPro to a USB hub where I have 3 other hard drives also connected to the hub, and the hub is connected to a USB3 port on my laptop. My MiniPro initially came up assigned to com 6 according to my device manager. I changed it to com 1 which is available and it works just fine.

Just want to mention this to dispel the notion that connecting to a hub would be an issue.


Costco dispensers will tell you ALL models are locked to their software when they arent.