DIY - How to Self Program the ReSound LiNX 3D

There are different methods of programming the ReSound LiNX 3D depending on the model. The ReSound Smart Fit cable guide describes the following methods.

  1. Mini RIE 61 Noahlink Wireless or Wired via CS44-Cable and CS53-Flexstrip
  2. Mini BTE 67 Noahlink Wireless or Wired via CS44-Cable and CS53-Flexstrip
  3. RIE 62 Noahlink Wireless or Wired via CS44-Cable and Programming Adaptor II
  4. Standard BTE 67 Noahlink Wireless or Wired via CS44-Cable and Programming Adaptor II
  5. Standard BTE 77 Noahlink Wireless or Wired via CS44-Cable and Programming Adaptor II

For both methods (wired and wireless programming) you will need the current version of SmartFit fitting software.

Note that Noahlink Wireless is the same as ReSound’s Airlink 2 device with a Firmware update to make the Airlink 2 equal to Noahlink Wireless. Note that I intentionally omitted these models (IIC (10A), ENZO 3D Power BTE 88, ENZO 3D High Power BTE 98) because I don’t want to describe how to program custom, or high power hearing aids. Note that I did not describe Programming Adaptor II because I don’t have these (boots/shoes) that are are difficult to obtain.

Wireless Programming via Noahlink Wireless:

Wired via CS44-Cable and CS53-Flexstrip

mini Pro with USB cable to connect to your computer

Standard CS44 Cable

Closeup of CS44 cable end

CS53 Flexstrips

Connecting CS53-Flexstrip to CS44 cable
Pay attention to alignment when you connect the CS44 cables to the Flexstrip. The CS44 cable has a red dot that aligns with a red dot on the Flexstrip connector for visual alignment. There is also physical indentations that will only allow the cable to be connected in the correct orientation. Here’s some pictures to show the correct orientation.

See the same ReSound Smart Fit cable guide mentioned above for how to connect the CS53-Flexstrips to your ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aids.

Happy Programming.


We need to find out how ReSound plans to handle their hearing aid Firmware updates to the hearing aids? Why, you may ask?

Let’s pretend that you want to invest in a Noahlink Wireless programming device. If ReSound cannot perform hearing aid Firmware updates wirelessly (like Oticon cannot) then you would also need a wired programming device for Firmware updates.

What are your thoughts on Resounds Speedlink box?

Thanks. I only recently stumbled across it on ebay somehow. It was something like $25. Doing some more reading I saw that it was only for Resound ie. proprietary. Kinda like those lower-tier products with their boxes.


Well…they keep mentioning it along with HI Pro and NOAHlink for wired connections in their documentation. They don’t seem to say it can ONLY be programmed wirelessly…just that that’s the only compatible wireless device.

Thank you. I now understand what the programming adaptor is. Sorry for the dumb question.

This link under linx 3d smart fit page 2 is where I’m seeing it. Isn’t that current? And in looking around I see it mentioned in several other places.

As with all my queries around these things…just exploring options. Options are good. Why not know all possible options.
If you’ve been keeping score at home (and why would you :slight_smile: ) I have KS7’s and the minipro. I’m good for now.
Someone else might come across things and wonder about their options. I might change things in the future and would want to know options.

Yes. And all of the devices have an option under a cable (including the 3D chart). Some devices have no wireless option. Having a cable option implies hipro, minipro, noahlink and apparently for Resound their Speedlink box.

Well heck…I’d be willing to give them all a whirl and report results here just so we can all know options. I ain’t spendin’ all that dough on them all though :slight_smile:
If some vendor or user wants to send me their other boxes I’d be happy to try them out. I’ll even pay for mail shipping in NA.
I’m referring to the other boxes in my post in online sellers.

The Resound Smart 3D iPhone App will send hearing aid firmware updates to your hearing aids with a bluetooth connection.

That is very newsworthy. But I can’t find the documentation you may have referred to. Can you give us a reference?

Tell me it’s more that this quote which simply means that your hearing aid Firmware need to get updated before you can use them to connect with the Resound Smart 3D App.
Please note: Your hearing aids may need to be updated to the latest firmware by your hearing care professional to work with the apps.

Chicken before the egg situation?? How can your App update the hearing aid Firmware if your audiologist has to update your hearing aid Firmware before you can use the App?

Page 42-43 In the Connectivity Guide

I just got my ReSound Linx 3D 9-61 RIE yesterday. Spent a pretty penny and didn’t get all of my expected features, I’m hoping I can get my audiologist to agree to let me do diy programming. Your threads are a great resource. Thank you!

Okay thanks. We have our answer about how ReSound will accomplish hearing aid Firmware updates. Your audiologist has to do the first Firmware Update with a wired programming device. Thereafter, you can use the App to perform Firmware updates being careful not to interfere with wireless communications during the update.

Hmmmmm, I wonder what happens in the event you get a communications failure during a wireless Firmware update? I can think of two options;

  1. The App has a reset feature (reset to factory defaults)
  2. You send the bricked hearing aids back to the factory

Dang, I don’t trust these new wireless Firmware updates very much.

I just bought a cd of Resound Smart Fit 1.1
Aventa 3.12 on EBay for $39.00 ( another copy is still for sale the item number is 124115496769 . I also bought a Noahlink Wireless for $175.00
Today I programmed my Resound 3D 961 hearing aids. Now I have full control of my HAs without being tethered to audiologists.
This software is wonderful and simple with just a little website studings.