DIY - How to Self Program the Phonak Marvel Audéo M

Just please take it to a separate thread. Maybe later, after you get your hearing aids programmed using your smartphone then I will eat my hat for you, or whatever other punishment you feel would be just compensation for my skepticism of your rain dance idea.

So, you were right @pvc.
Programming with smartphone only is technically doable, but for the moment is restricted for Phonak direct customers only (PronakPro account is not enough). Hope Phonak will enable it in the future.
I have deleted my previous posts from this thread to avoid readers confussion.
I finally bought Noahlink Wireles for €100 only from Amparex and am happy with this.

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Hi Everyone…

I got Marvels a few weeks ago and got the Phonak Target 6.02 off Torrent and bought a Noahlink Wireless off of eBay for $200.

I’ll admit, I loved the marvels for Streaming and Phone calls, but was somewhat disappointed with them as hearing aids – they did help in conference room settings at work but otherwise were pretty bad – quiet spoken language in my house was harder to hear than w/o having them in, and at a tradeshow my ears were ringing afterwards because it was so loud and uncomfortable.

I was just thinking…this can’t be right with all the technology in these things…?

So I decided to connect them and downloaded the profile in the hearing aide, and the audiogram did not appear to be mine – at first I figured maybe they adjusted it for some reason, but they had the right ear with less loss, when my left ear had slightly less loss – so something was definitely wrong.

Since my audiologist is on vacation, I took the plunge and entered in my own audiogram data reset the hearing aids, and did the in ear calibration myself – and wow what a difference. They work great now!!!

I’ll be having an interesting discussion with my audiologist when I return…

Other changes I made – I enabled the long button down mute and added a few manual programs to try out. The music one makes a difference from audiosense (auto).

But my sounds are all default (generated) for my audiogram…

I’d love to trade notes via PM with anyone else that has tweaked theirs.



I had a similar experience with Unitron Moxi Alls from an online vendor. The aids were supposed to be pre-programmed to my audiogram, but they arrived with receivers unattached and without color markings. Instead of realizing right away that the aids weren’t programmed at all, I wondered how the vendor expected me to know which side was which. :confounded:They actually sounded OK, but pairing and volume controls were wonky. No matter, I had it all figured out within a couple hours and am enjoying the empowerment of being able to make my own adjustments.

Next stop, HAs for my wife. The lousy ZPower battery system on the Moxis have made me unlikely to buy anything else Unitron, so I’ll probably try Marvels for her.

Thanks again to all the DIY posters here.

I have recently purchased some M50R and have had similar questions concerning their programming.
While I like the Bluetooth connection to my Android, I’m not very impressed with their performance as HA’s
Any chance you could rent out your Noahlink and walk me through programming them.??


I would recommend just getting a Noahlink on eBay for $200, because you can sell it for the same later or keep it.

Then I can help you with the programming…but realize that I am not an audiologist :slight_smile: However, they had them programmed wrong enough to cause my ears to ring, and even I wouldn’t make that mistake…

But you can do this…

  1. Create account for you in Target, and when you first connect hearing aids, load fitting from hearing aids. Then save the session so you have it backed up.

  2. I did all my messing around under another user, but I don’t think you have to do this…but what I did was…

0a) Create new fitting
0b) Enter correct audiogram info manually
0c) Make sure Acoustic Parameters are set right (this is type of in ear piece, etc, very important)

  1. Do Feedback and real ear test
  2. Accepted all defaults (big changes were whistleblock and SoundRecover2 were turned on when I did it, audiologist had them turned off). I plan to turn SoundRecover2 off and see how I like it.
  3. Add any extra programs, and tweak Devices Options (for example, I enabled hold button down to mute hearing aids).
  4. Save and close, making any session notes.

PM me if you want more info…


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I got one for $205 in eBay.
Where is the best site to get the software ?

Hi, please reply, I have asked my audi to reprogram my Marvel M30R. But as he tried with icube 2 the Hearing aid not detacted by target.

Please confirm wheather icube2 is compatible with marvel or not.

I have face the same problem. icube 2 was mention on phonak target manual but in reality it cant detact the hearing aid

No it is not.

I don’t know how to make it more plain than the first paragraph of this thread. How about this;

With the release of the Phonak Marvel hearing aids Phonak has abandoned its proprietary wireless programming devices (iCube and iCube II) in favor of the industry standard Noahlink Wireless or ReSound’s Airlink 2, (same device).

Yes, thank you, many audiologist dont have any idea about it.

Yes, Many audiologist dont know this particular stuff. Thats my experience…

Thank You.

So it is possible to program them without a Phonak account?

Yes, it is possible.

In my country there is no seller for Noahlink or iCube. Can I connect my Marvel with bluetooth to Tarhet software or otherway?

No you can’t do it that way, just look on Ebay and get the Noahlink Wireless Hearing Aid Programmer or the Resound Airlink 2 which is basically the same thing ( you may possibly have to update the firmware on this tho)

hi guys!!

my name is Fernando, im from Guatemala city central américa, sorry my english but my natal language is spanish.

so i have a problem a few days past i have broken my earing aid, and now is imposible to repair or make another one with my audi! and my audi say i need one new he recomend me the phonak marvel audeo, but in 3900 usd dollars is a lot of money. so i want to purchase one in usa with the noahlink but the problem i got is how i can get the phonak target to programm my hearing aid!

mi audi i think he dont know how to programm, becouse the hearing aid is fatal compared my ast one apmplified.

please help me, im really desperated withou hearing aid, i cannot ear on left side, and in right side is partial at 30% of the normal.

thanks for all the help someone can provide me!

Hi Fernando!
If you can post the make and model of your hearing aid, there are likely to be folks on line here who can give you some constructive advice.

I have the sky m-m 312 battery with telecoil. It does not say it can be hooked via hi pro. Are all telecoil fit for hipro and its a mistake or are some telecoil able ha Noahlink only.