Distorted Hearing in One Ear

Hi all,

Just wondering if any of you have had distorted hearing on one side - sometimes, I can feel a pulsing feeling in my right, worse ear if Im in the presence of loudish music.

Also, if in a noisy environment, and someone was speaking or shouting loudly in my right ear, it would sound like a blown speaker or an old time badly tuned in radio station.

I’m hoping this isn’t because this ear is past aiding, or that my brain doesn’t recognise certain frequencies on that side anymore.

Question i have is, is this fixable by a hearing aid, and does my brain have the ability to relearn the sounds it may have forgotten over the past few years?

My advice is stay away from loud music and aholes who shout in your ear.

Well, I have a similar situation with some distortion from certain speaking voices. It seems to be part of one’s particular failure with the appropriate sound/level being distorted by what is left of the hearing. I also have poor word recognition in that ear.

It helps to have an app that allows lowering volume temporarily in such situation. It seems the best the fitter can come up with is to reduce the amplification in the target area described. I prefer to do it with an app in the instances it is causing the problem on a repeating basis and living with the occasional times.

The alternative would be to set a second program with the audi that reduces the range that is distorting. You could then switch to that program when thing get rough.

This really isn’t a great answer but it is what I’ve come up with.


Last summer, before I had any hearing aids, I experienced the same distorted, rattling sounds that you describe. The effect did not go away, so I went to an ENT. He said there was nothing seriously wrong, but there was a small amount of impacted wax, and perhaps some sign of an infection. He performed a roto-rooter job and prescribed some antibiotic drops. Within a few days the distortion was completely gone and has not returned.

I have since bought hearing aids, but in my case the distortion appeared to be unrelated to the aids.

When I lost the hearing in my left ear, the sound I did perceive was extremely distorted. Even with a hearing aid, it remains distorted, although I can distinguish a few more words. I suspect whatever damage was done during the autoimmune attack, it was to the part that processes clear sound.

Thanks all.

It seems that the distortion won’t be fixable then, thats what I was worrying about. I’ll see what the audi can cook up on the aid when I visit on Friday.

I don’t think I have any wax though, they have taken a good look in there on more than one occasion.

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Thanks all.

It seems that the distortion won’t be fixable then, thats what I was worrying about. I’ll see what the audi can cook up on the aid when I visit on Friday.

I don’t think I have any wax though, they have taken a good look in there on more than one occasion.

I had something similar when I was in my teens. As far as I know, my hearing was normal then. When I heard pots and pans rattling, it set off a cacophony in my ear. Like you, I compared it to a bad stereo speaker (only then, most speakers were hi-fi). When I whistled, something inside my ear vibrated in an interval of a perfect third. I had been swimming and diving for endless hours daily for months before it started, and my theory was that I’d forced some water or junk into the middle ear through the eustacian tube. Is that possible/likely? I’ve never come up with a better theory. It went away after several months.

Now I have some distortion in my left ear if I’m listening to music through ear buds (without my hearing aids). But this distortion is just a muffling or slight garbling of the sounds – not like a bad stereo speaker, and not disturbing.

It goes along with the hearing loss. If I am in a very loud environment, like a stadium, and the crowd gets whipped up, it can sound distorted to me, like a blown speaker, and even makes me dizzy.

A good hearing aid fitting can get your hearing boosted without too much distortion, for 90% of situations (which is much better than nothing).

fluid trapped behind your ear drum will often cause this kind of distortion. In the spring, if you have allergies, it can happen that your esutachian tubes will become blocked and result in fluid build up. It doesn’t require an infection to happen. don’t lose all hope just yet! Try unblocking your eustachian tubes with antihistimines. this could take a good long while however–a surprisingly long time. Google this.

Just resurrecting my own old thread.

Anyone else have distortion in one ear, and been able to correct it with a hearing aid?

I feel my hearing in that ear has gotten a little worse, I haven’t tried hearing aids since I last posted.

I just started wearing HA for mild hearing loss, but the amplification causes my ears to close up, and sounds become muffled and distorted. After a few hours I feel dizzy and nauseous. I became sound sensitive when I had sudden hearing loss 3 years ago (I recovered that lost hearing). I go back to the aud Tuesday, but am discouraged about being able to wear the HA.

I have distorted sounds, especially noticeable when I stream anything since it is louder I guess. But also, with headphones it’s there and for tests I hear only vibration in lowest three frequencies, pure tone starts at 1000hz only.

My guess is damaged hearing nerve.
Couldn’t confirm or deny it bc I still can’t get proper tests done on me.

Yes, my wrs isn’t shit but it isn’t great either, and just because I can decipher what’s being said it does not mean I like how it sounds.
I noticed that despite being astonished how much I can hear when streaming and how easier I comprehend with streaming as compared to HA only (withour HAs on that ear I’m useless), I still get tired of all that noise and I prefer to pull out aids completely and enjoy one sided silence.
I think I’d do that even if both my ears were bad in the same way.
Distortion is really intensive noise all the time where aids cannot help it.

If I figure out something, I’ll share.

One thing maybe worth mentioning, few heara ago I’d be on the verge of panic attacks or total irritation if I left my windows open more than just a few minutes. I live by fast busy road (think highway).

Due to other life stuff I started with antidepressants, sertraline (think that’s under name zoloft in usa), and automagically, my tension about loud noise went away.
It still makes me tired but at least I’m not becoming angry badger or starting shaking in despair.

I guess I’m more tolerable to this distortion as well, since now I’m wearing aids 4-8h a day, whereas previously I wouldn’t put them in my ear for days.
But I still prefer silence the most. And I’m not even 40 yet :joy: