Disappointed with oticon intents feedback

Thanks for sharing, I am seeing my aud tomorrow and hoping that she can help resolve this.

Just to clarify, this is the old Feedback Analyzer feature that was part of the old Feedback Shield functionality. It introduces white noise into the HAs and detects where the areas of the feedback might be, then suppress the gain margin to try to stave off the potential for feedback in that area. The disadvantage of this approach is that you lose some gain margin where the feedback areas are detected.

The new feedback prevention technology is called the Optimizer that was available starting with the OPN S onward until the Intent. It can be found in the Automatics section in Genie 2, and it’s labelled Feedback Management. It does not require the Feedback Analyzer to be run (scanned with white noise) like with the old traditional Feedback Shield functionality.

Usually the idea is to use the Optimizer feedback technology first, and if the user hears the fluttering sound, then reduce the value from Normal to Low. If the user still can hear the fluttering frequently enough to be an imposition, then it can be turned off.

And if the Optimizer Feedback Management works OK by itself, it’s not necessary nor is it desired to run the old Feedback Shield Analyzer and enable it because of the negative trade-off of losing some gain margin. But if the Optimizer feedback manager is not enough or has to be turned off completely, then the Feedback Shield functionality is still there to be used, either to supplement the Optimizer feedback management, or to be used as a stand-alone by itself (with the negative trade-offs).

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As @Volusiano pointed out, if the desired results are not met with Feedback Optimizer Off setting, than the last resort is the legacy Feedback Analyzer:

Beyond those tools, your audi may attempt to lower the gains at the offending frequencies in the Fitting Settings, or further check you acoustical fittings.
As I said in my earlier post, the older version of OPN did not use the same Feedback System, and TTTF was not an issue.

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I’m following. I don’t have your hearing aid. But I really care.

I feel for everyone as we share our experiences. Searching for that element in setup that needs to be changed.

I keep thinking. DIY. DIY. DIY. Target. ‘Link and a PC. Not my ole iMac.

Shiny side up.


Had my visit yesterday and she set the feedback to low and so far it has been much better. I also was measured for custom molds and am waiting to hear from her when they are in.