Disappointed with oticon intents feedback

My previous hearing aids (different company) never had any feedback issues.
I have been back to my aud for adjustment, but still from time to time hear feedback that sounds like a wobble sound.

I started with regular domes and now trying power domes which have improved the feedback. I have high freq loss and she lowered the high end to help.
It seems higher speech volumes seem to cause this to happen more.

Anyone else have this issue and got it resolved?
Other than this, I love my oticons and just want them working well.
Maybe this is something I have to live with.

You could ask your audi to lower the intensity of the feedback management from “normal” to “low”. Or ask her/him to make a copy of that program and set the feedback management in the new one to “low” so you could compare the two.


Feedback is a result of sound leaking from the receiver(speaker) to the microphone. It results from a less than tight seal and enough gain to cause significant leakage. Most people describe it as a high pitched squeal. What your describing sounds like what the hearing aids feedback management system is trying to do to mitigate it.
Possible solutions: 1)Have audiologist further adjust settings, perhaps after consulting with Oticon
2)Get custom molds for a better seal 3)As a last resort one can consider decreasing gain in the offending frequencies but kind of defeats purpose of hearing aids. One can also learn to live with certain amounts of feedback. (It’s ok if you get feedback when cupping your ear since you probably don’t spend much time cupping your ear) Good luck. Let us know how it goes.


I have Oticon Intents with power domes and have zero issues with feedback in any situation. It’s all down to the fitting I suspect.

FWIW I had terrible feedback issues with my previous aids (ReSound Linx 3Ds). I took them to my new audiologist who ran the feedback test and did a bit of tweaking and I have zero issues with them now as well.


Like what the others have said it sounds like the audiologist did a very poor fitting. It could be several issues, from just not making the proper adjustments to the feedback system to wrong receivers or domes
But the bottom line is that the audiologist didn’t do the fitting correctly. As someone that has been wearing Oticon aids for 14 years and having severe hearing loss and never having feedback issues I say this with confidence.

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I had the widex 440 before, and did not have any feedback issues. But wind and movement with eye glasses were annoying.

She fitted me yesterday with the power domes, there just double sealed now.
I am wondering if I should get custom domes.

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I like their approach to sound and hope she can get this resolved. Maybe custom molds.

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I am going back in a week, she ordered me the blue intents, my favorite color. :slight_smile:


The tips from @MDB and @cvkemp should help you if you’re experiencing feedback issues. I’ve also experienced the “wobble sound” you mentioned with my Mores, which is the hearing aid acting to prevent feedback. Since you haven’t shared your audiogram, I can only speak from my experience: lowering the intensity of the feedback management fixed it for me.


do I just ask for my audiogram?

I mean, under “e1405” there is “Audiogram”. If you click there you see hearing loss. This way the community is able to be more specific helping you, since our losses are all very different.

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Zero feedback on Intent 1s here. I use what I think are 6mm double vent domes. I can’t even force feedback by cupping my ears and covering the aids with my hands.

It really would help to have a look at your audiogram. The double domes are only good if they are large enough to seal the ear canals enough to prevent the sound from leaking back out to the microphones. I wear custom ear molds with reasonable sized vents. I don’t get feedback even when cupping my hands over my ears and aids. If your fitting is pushing the limits of the receivers than that will definitely cause feedback.

I am also wondering how proficient your audiologist is with Oticon aids.

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Yes, you can ask for a copy. This is your personal medical record so you should be in your rights to receive a copy of the audiogram.

I will ask and post when I get it.

I’m wondering if the hearing aids are setting on the ears in a position that is pulling the domes slightly out of position.

I don’t think so, she swapped the regular domes to the power ones for me to try.
The feedback seems to be better, except in some loud environments.
I need to ask her next week if she can raise the level as I feel I am having a harder time with voices.

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That shouldn’t matter, but anything is possible I guess.

I am also experiencing some odd feedback/echoey/shrill sounds from my RIGHT aid only. I also don’t know if it’s a poor fitting double dome power dome or the settings? I do notice that if I’m in an area of reflective surface areas (lots of glass, flat, hard reflective walls) the situation gets WORSE.

My right aid squealing starts about an hour after I put them in. Then I have episodes where no amount of shoving the domes in my ears gets rid of it. Then, just as mysteriously, I go for a few hours without the right aid acting up. It’s a mystery, but whatever you try that works, I’ll do the same!

I have an app’t set up for the 24th of May, and hope to look at the settings for my RIGHT aid. Maybe it got jostled at some point? Cuz weirdly, I have the SAME issue going on with all 3 pairs of my Phonak aids. And the program was copy/pasted from one to the other to the other.

Hope we both get resolution.

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